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salary negoation advice

I received a verbal job offer yesterday for a position that will be a somewhat lateral move.  I currently manage communications for a division within a global company the new job will be more strategic communications program management for a consulting company in the same industry.  The company offered me my current salary, which they thought was 2K more than I make because we started talking three months ago and i had not received my merit raise. In looking over the cost of their benefits I would be losing money.  Additionally, the job is not bonus level which my current job is although the structure has changed so it won't be as much as in the past so losing it is not a big deal to me.  I looked at the salary data on glassdoor and they are offering about 20K less than the average the employees the same level reported, although the site does not drill down to speciality. Consulting companies have levels that are not comparable to other types of companies.  I think what they are offering is very fair when comparing to other communications non-consulting jobs and their PTO plan is generous (20 days).  21 is what i now with over a decade of experience with my current company. I want to counter at 5K more than they offered citing my research and the additional benefit cost but I am concerned they will rescind the offer. Is that a valid concern? The only company I have worked for since college is my current place of employment so i have no experience negotiating.   i really need/want the job.  What they don't know is i just found out my job is being relocated so I don't want to miss an offer over 5k but I also want to make sure I am being paid a good salary as i have no idea what their raise structure is like. My current company has been averaging 2 percent and given the industry i can only assume it would be simiular. TIA 
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Re: salary negoation advice

  • I would counter.  I don't think they would rescind the offer if they didn't want to go for it, just stand firm at their initial offer.  With some of my first jobs, I was always looking back and kicking myself that I didn't try to negotiate more.  At least if they say no, and they stay at the first salary, you won't have any regrets.


  • I agree. I would counter. I've done it before and the worst that has happened is they come back and say they can't give you that amount or that they can only meet you half way. If you don't ask you will never know.
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  • thanks everyone i countered they met me in the middle.  I am happy.  While the benefits are not as good as i have currently, the job is closer to home so i am saving in gas and the 120 a month in tolls I was putting out due to travel to our corporate headquarters at least twice a week.  
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