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Crossfitting & Pregnant Guidelines

I've lurked through the board and have read about many women who have been able to continue crossfit while pregnant. I've tried finding books about this topic online, but there don't seem to be any. (I've seen several websites, but I"m not sure which are reputable)  How did you determine what modifications were appropriate?  Did your dr. advise you to keep your HR below a certain level? Lift under a certain amount of weight? I don't think the coaches at my gym have much knowledge about training pregnant women, plus I don't want the whole gym to know as soon as it happens.

I'm only starting TTC now but I want to be armed with knowledge. I want to remain as active as possible for as long as I can. Does anyone have suggestions of repurtable sources of info on this topic?

Re: Crossfitting & Pregnant Guidelines

  • I am still doing CF and currently 15 weeks. I have been doing CF for about a year and a half prior to getting pregnant so I was told that I can continue to do what I have done prior. Pay attention to your body, make sure you drink water before during and after the work out and take more breaks than usual. Personally - I get out of breath quicker now that I am pregnant so the breaks help :) Focus on staying healthy while pregnant - you're not trying to PR or pushing for the best time on some WODs. Eventually you will start to scale your weight and moves. Check out - its a great resource and explains scaling for each trimester and moves. 
  • dido what pp has said. monitor your breathing. a good piece of advice i was given was to sing to the songs playing at our box or make sure you can hold a conversation. the hr advice was given to me too, but is hard to follow even with a modified workout. i switched from running to rowing though i know other women who did continue to run. i kept my weight moderate. you can essentially do whatever you were doing prior to pregnancy bc your body is already used to it, with the exception of heavy lifting. listen to your body, if it doesnt feel right then stop. we have a couple of coaches at our box who did crossfit up until the day before delivery. i went up to about a week or two. definitely check out crossfit moms, it really helped when our workouts were too difficult to modify.
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