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Wearing Shoes

So everyone (particularly my MIL who drives me nuts) keeps commenting on how I never put shoes on LO. First, he's not walking yet. Second, I've read bare feet are best when learning to walk. Third, he pulls off socks and the one pair of shoes we do have as soon as he gets the chance. Fourth, he's my baby and I'll dress his feet as I please. Fifth, it's 70 degrees outside and plenty warm enough for bare feet. And sixth (sorry I got a little carried here!), you drive me crazy lady, so shuuuut up!

So my question for yall is, do you put shoes on your LOs? Do I need to worry about it so much yet?

Re: Wearing Shoes

  • LO has only ever worn shoes for about 10 minutes on Easter.

    It's definitely optimal for foot/walking development to go shoeless.  Shoes really only need to be worn to protect feet when outside once baby can walk.
  • Barefoot at home, Robeez style shoes when going out, and a slightly firmer bottomed shoe when outside where it's muddy or rocky. She walks all over the place though.
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  • I put shoes on LO when we go out mostly because it has been chilly. But I'd be fine with barefoot as it gets warmer. I try to let him go barefoot as much as possible indoors when it's warm enough.
  • Barefoot at home. Socks when we go out.
  • Thank yall! Glad to prove to myself that I'm not being neglectful after all :).
  • Socks at home and daycare, shoes when we're out only because it's chilly in the mornings. LO is not walking either.
  • DD is no where near walking yet and has only worn shoe maybe 3 times for less than an hour so far. DH and I were just talking last night about how we will need to get her some soon. She has such small feet for a 12 month old though, she is like a size 2 I think. I tried a pair of size 1 (pretty much newborn size) that we had at home this morning and it almost fit...just a tad small!
  • Haha @LolaX2! We're the opposite...LO's feet are huge and fat! My brother calls him Lumpy Foot :)
  • Before she was walking, we never did shoes at home and only did them while out if it was cold. Now that she is all about walking everywhere, we still rarely wear them at home but always wear them while out.
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    Im glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't do shoes! I only put slipper/bootie like things on DD for traveling or if it is really cold. Otherwise its barefoot for this baby (socks last all of 10 seconds).
    My sister gave me all these shoes from her LO too, I feel bad to waste them, but I don't see the point yet.

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