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Bum Genius Snaps Question

Hi.  I did do a search, but there's over 1000 posts with 'bum genius' in them...none with the added search 'snaps', so sorry if it's a repeat.  Today I washed all of my new Flip/BG diapers in prep for lo coming soon, and didn't pay much attention to the waistband snaps.

Assuming I'll need them on the tightest snap setting on the waistband, do you tuck the excess tab flaps/snaps in towards baby's belly?  They seem to close best this way, but I didn't know if this will be uncomfortable on her tummy, or negligible as long as the waistband isn't too tight.

Re: Bum Genius Snaps Question

  • Most of the regulars have migrated over to the new place, and I'm personally not a BG fan so this is just general:

    One-Size Flip/BGs will not fit on a newborn. Same goes for most other brands. If you want to CD from birth, you will need to look into buying a newborn specific stash. HTH.
  • Agree with the first response that you will need newborn sized diapers. A lot of people go with prefolds as the are less expensive. I liked my newborn BGs. Also loved Blueberry newborn AIOs.
    Don't fold the snaps in on the belly. It won't take long for them to fit at the smallest setting!


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  • It actually depends on the design of the diaper. I'm not familiar with BG but as for fitting a newborn there are few one size diapers that will fit them properly so yes having at least a stash of prefolds on hand might save you some headaches. If you still have questions I'd say look up obbsandlala YouTube channel she does cloth vlogs and gets really in depth :D
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