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Pooping Late at Night

My three year old has somehow gotten herself onto an 11pm pooping schedule that I can't break. Has this happened to anyone else? She used to be asleep by 9pm and the extra two hours she's staying up anymore are killing me. She doesn't nap during the day anymore and will barely sleep until 8am most days, but is exhausted around 5pm. I'm at a complete loss and just really need help.
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Re: Pooping Late at Night

  • I'm a little confused. She's staying up for two hours trying to poop? On days my son doesn't nap, I have to put him to bed an hour or more earlier. I would think 7 pm at the very latest for your little one. Also, my son is now 4 but around age 3 he started doing things to try to stay up for bedtime. I'd give him a "pass" for one more potty or drink but then he had to stay in his bed.
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