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High-Risk Pregnancy

High risk pregnancy with multiples: Explained

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Pregnancy is confusing enough as is. So, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when you discover that you’re expecting twins.

Here, our editors share what exactly “high risk” means, and what you can do to keep things under control.

What are your tips for staying relaxed and healthy while going through a high risk pregnancy?

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Re: High risk pregnancy with multiples: Explained

  • Hi I went to the ER this morning because I started bleeding. I found out that I am 6 weeks and looks like it might be twins. I go back for blood work and ultrasound Monday. I have been told bleeding with twins is normal but I am worried. Anyone else ever have this or heard someone that has.
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    @gracekaniowsky1977  I have had this! Just Saturday (6w1d) had a bleed/gush and feared the worst! US today confirmed twins & 2 heartbeats. Hoping you got good news today! 
     TTC #1 since Jan '13. Me- 35. Healthy. DH- 43. Low morphology (4%).
    Sept 2014 to Jan 2015: 4 IUIs, all BFNs
    Mar 2015: BFP au naturale! MC at 10 weeks-monosomy X (Turners)
    9/24/15: IVF #1 ER: 16 total, 11 mature, 10 fertilized! 6 frozen 5 day blasts for testing.
    10/9/15: PGD/CCS= 2 normal blasts, frozen.
    1/5/16: FET #1 5-day AA, CCS tested blast. BFP! Beta 398, 1715, 3973. 
    1/24/16: Large bleed from SCH. HCG decreased. MC 5 days later.
    3/16-10/16: Wonky cycles, Integrin biopsy, Polypectomy, E2/lining priming.
    11/15/16: FET #2, final frozen embryo. BFN. 
    3/17-5/17: New clinic, IVF #2 w/ CCS. 5 normals frozen.
    5/24/17: FET #3. Beta #1 302, Beta #2 726. It's TWINS!!
  • I love your last sentence because I'm so exhausted and feel so guilty when I come home and go right to bed. 
  • @mrslowther, Hi!  I see you haven’t posted since November, how are you and the twins? Are they mono-mono or mono di? I am just starting out my twin journey at 9 weeks and am waiting for the maternal fetal medicine ultrasound to figure out if mine our mono-mono or mono-di.  I feel like it can be overwhelming at times.
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