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Similac for Supplementation question

Hi there,
So a little background... My LO is 9 months old and was exclusively breastfed for 6 months. When I started back to work when she was 4 months my supply took a little hit and by 6 months I was tired of stressing about it and started adding in a few bottles of the green Similac for supplementing. We're all happier now. So my question is, how much is too much to be considered a supplement. She doesn't nurse during the day anymore, she's just way too busy to focus. She'd rather suck down a bottle and get back to playing. So my supply has continued to dwindle. If I had to estimate, she's probably on 16-20 oz a day of formula and probably 8-12 oz of breastmilk and a few solid meals a day.

I guess, after all that, my question is do I need a formula that's not for supplementing or are they pretty much all the same? Is she getting enough nutrients and calories on a supplementing formula?

Re: Similac for Supplementation question

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    They are all the same nutritionally (meaning complete). It's basically a marketing gimmick. Just get what works for your kid and your budget.
  • Thank you. Kind of what I thought. I guess we will stick with that one then. No tummy issues and she seems to like it.
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