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job hunting while pregnant

I haven't worked for years, but my SO and I have found ourselves in a bad situation and need some extra income. I am 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have been applying for jobs. I have plenty of experience and great references, so I am hoping to get a few interviews.

Any advice on how to tackle a job interview while noticeably pregnant? Or any ideas on how to try and hide it during the interview? I know its against the law in the US not to hire me just because I'm pregnant, but we all know it happens and I'd really like to avoid it if at all possible.

So any advice or ideas would be great!
Thanks :)

Re: job hunting while pregnant

  • I would suggest a nice dress that will fall over your belly that might hide the bump.
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  • I would suggest a nice dress that will fall over your belly that might hide the bump.

    This and not mentioning your pregnancy whatsoever. It has nothing to do with what you can offer their company. GL :)
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  • I got two different job offers while 19 weeks pregnant. I didn't tell them I was pregnant and I wore loose clothes.. you shouldn't tell them you are pregnant until after you get a job offer
  • I wasn't planning on saying anything about this pregnancy until after I have accepted an offer. I am mainly worried about them being able to see it even under the loose clothing! Hopefully I can find a great outfit that will hide as much as possible.
    I kind of wish it was still winter, that wardrobe would be easier to work with! Lol
    Maybe I'll find someone great who won't have a problem with it. Fingers crossed!
  • I actually list my job in August last year and only just found one - sort of. I had really bad 'all day sickness' all of November-February and couldn't do a great deal of job hunting but got back on it and found interviews really hard whilst trying to hide the fact that I'm pregnant. In the uk it's the same - they can't not hire you but they don't! I've got a great cv and experience and as soon as they find out at any stage of the interview I get neglected. I found jeans, vest top and a smart baggy jumper with added scarf hide it well and praying they don't ask if I have a medical condition. I've just been offered a job as a supervisor (but not signed a contract yet) so fingers crossed. I feel guilty though as I'll start when I'm 24 weeks but the money is more important. Good luck and don't tell them
  • Something to think about too is your social media. I know companies will look at your Facebook/Instagram/whatever before you interview so change things to private if you don't want them knowing your pregnant but have postings about it
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    With DS I went for an interview at 25 weeks wore big clothing and got the job didn't start my job till 5 weeks later at 30 weeks j was very prego then and told them. They said they didn't care it's not like it was going to affect my skills and they would have me back when I wanted to come back after birth. We have now moved and I am looking for a job this week so fingers crossed. And fingers crossed for you too.
  • I just interviewed for and was offered a part time side job today. I was SHOCKED that they gave me a chance! I'm one day away from being 24 weeks, told them when I was due, and even confessed I may not want to work after baby comes. They still created a position and hired me! It's part time and they said I could work from home and just do what I can. If I want to keep working after baby, great, if not, that's okay too. So I guess there are still some nice people out there who will give a pregnant gal a chance! I hope you can find something too!
  • One of my co-workers got hired when she was pregnant. She wasn't really showing and didn't say anything, people were all gossipy when they found out like a weeks later. But she came right back after maternity leave and is a great co-worker. If your planning on keeping the job after baby I don't think it is a big deal, it's when your just sticking around long enough to get trained, collect some maternity benefits then bail it's kinds shady to not disclose. If your looking for something temporary I feel that needs to be discussed, prego or not.
  • I feel like sadly I get treated differently at work while pregnant
  • @Hairdesignee6 I'm so sorry to hear that :-(
  • My job now is SUPER flexible and allows me to make my own schedule and such, which makes it great while pregnant. However i don't get paid as much as I like so I recently applied for jobs. At my interview I wore a loose fitting chiffon top, but then again I wasn't really showing anyways. I was about 4.5 months pregnant at the time of my interview and told the employer I'm expecting a baby after summer. I know it's not the best idea to tell an employer that in fear of not getting heirs BUT I have the experience and personality they're looking for and I'm still eager to work. They hired me with no hesitation. Just to be clear I was hired as a pharmacy tech which means I will be standing on my feet constantly, instead of having a desk job.
    Point is, if you feel you are entirely capable of the job and can actually withstand your pregnancy symptoms, then i don't see the big deal of disclosing your pregnancy. But it's really up to you whether you want to give the courtesy of letting the employer know prior to making their decision or let them know after being hired. Good luck! :)
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