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Rectal pressure and back ache??

I'm due in a few days and for the last two I've been experiencing rectal pressure and back ache. I spoke with my doctor a few hours ago and I was told I could go into labor and delivery and be checked or to wait it out but definitely go in if it gets worse.. I'm confused because when I asked wether or not this was beginning stage of labor she only said "you can never tell because everyone is different but definitely go to the hospital if your water breaks, you experience bleeding or consistent contractions.."
I took a bath to try and ease the back pain BUT now I am having discomfort down below... Has anybody experienced this beginning labor??

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  • Well, I went into labor and delivery and they monitored me they said pressure was from baby getting in position and I was barely contracting. I'm 100% effaced and only 1 cm dilated, my due date is 3 days away so I'm patient but this is my first baby and I don't know what to expect. Doctor told me when I'm having pain in my abdomen and I'm finding it hard to breathe or have to stop in my tracks that's when I'll know for sure that I'm in labor. I actually feel that the back pain increased since I left the hospital :/
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