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Reproductive endocrinologist

Hi ladies I just booked my first RE appointment with Dr Lisa Hasty Out in Buckhead. Has anyone used her ?? she had great reviews and offered many different services:)

Re: Reproductive endocrinologist

  • I had Dr Toledo at RBA...he was amazing

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  • That whole group at ACRM is great. I usually see Dr. Denis, but I've met Dr. Hasty a few times and she is great too. I sure we'd up my hcg trigger shot last month, and the team all pulled together to come in on a Sunday evening to do my egg retrieval after hours. They are fantastic!
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  • I have two friends that have seen Dr. Hasty at ACRM and they both loved her. So she comes highly recommended. My DH and I opted not to use ACRM and go somewhere else. It was more about convenience and cost.  
  • I used Toledo at RBA and can't recommend him enough but hasty is highly recommended

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    Summer '14: Diagosed with hypothryoidism, pollup, LPD, Low AMH, strong FSH.

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