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Now that we have toddlers...

How are you all doing with all the new transitions now that our babies are toddlers?

 I'm ready to start weaning off LO from breastfeeding, I made it to my goal of 1 year and now I'm ready to stop and get my boobies back. The doctor gave the OK at the 1 year appointment and said to go ahead and let him start having cow's milk. I've cut down the amount of pumping I do at work to help from getting engorged, and I'm slowly eliminating bottles of pumped BM he has during the day and replacing with sippy cups of cow's milk. However, he still really wants to nurse at night and in the morning. He's really eating great now, but when it comes to finger foods for him I feel like I totally suck at it. When it comes to the idea department I space out, what are your favorite finger foods for your LO?

This kid is not a fan of fruit either! Loves vedgies, pastas, meats, but put fruit in front of him and it's being thrown all over the place. 

Tips on how to transition from breatfeeding/formula to just having his food and cow's milk would be great, how are you going about it? I've been reading that by 18 months bottles should be completely eliminated too, which will be tough because he loves his bottles. 

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Re: Now that we have toddlers...

  • It's so crazy how fast they grow up! Well LO loves the sippy cups with the straws! But I still give him a bottle for night time he won't go to sleep without having a bottle so that's going to be hard to transition out of. He's actually doing really good with the whole milk. He always used to see me make his bottles and I'd shake them so I just shake the milk bottles like I did with the formula bottles and he takes it haha
  • I did a gradual transition half breast milk half cows milk and kept cutting down on the bm until we were straight on cm. Ithen I bought sippy cups with a very bendable soft top..same texture as a bottle nipple. I messed up and bought a cup with a hard top/spout at first and she hated it. So try different things until your little one finds what they like. I too still give a bottle at night b4 bed but that's probably more for me than her. They really grow up fast! My LO picks up on things faster than I even realize. Daycare has helped me with these transitions too. All in all know it will happen in time. I'm not looking forward to transitioning away from the paci but my LO is only 13 months so I think we have time...
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