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Craving the smell of laundry soap?!?!

Hi! So please don't think I'm nuts and I feel so embarrassed but idk if this is happening to anyone else! I'm 33w tomorrow and for the past 3 weeks I have been craving (out of my mind) for "gain" laundry powder. We use it to wash our clothes, and I just stand there running it through my fingers, holding it up to my nose and smelling it... I've even though about tasting it but I know it's harmful to myself but my baby too. It's driving me insane and I feel like a complete nutcase... I'm even scared to tell DH bc it sounds absolutely crazy! This is my third pregnancy but our first baby (2 previous losses) and this has never happened to me before. Is this something to bring up to my dr? ... Or will they think I'm a complete psyco. Any advice is welcome.

Re: Craving the smell of laundry soap?!?!

  • I've read that craving non edibles while pregnant can happen! Don't feel embarrassed but definitely tell your doctor! They need to know these things...and definitely don't give in to those cravings of dangerous things!!
  • People who crave detergent are lacking Protease, which assists in the breaking down and digestion of protein. Protease are a part of many detergents. heres the link to an article about it.    If you talk to your doctor he/she can give you alternatives to satisfy your craving.
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    I have smell cravings too. I love smelling my a/c when I drive, I turn it on and off just to smell it, but I've never thought of eating it. You probably have low iron talk to your doctor.
  • Thank you ladies! I will talk to my dr at tomorrow's app. I started to bring it up at my last app, but was too embarrassed. I'm checking the link out now. I won't give in to any dangerous cravings, but I can't stop obsessing about sniffing it!! Every time I walk past the laundry closet I open it and take a whiff... I really feel crazy.
  • I also eat well, but my iorn was a little low--- they told me a month ago it wasn't low enough to need a supplement and it was normal during pregnancy. I'd rather take it though, if it means I won't have these absurd cravings!
  • A lot can change as pregnancy progresses. It probably wasn't low enough before, but may be low enough now. I'm with ya I can't help myself from turning my a/c on and off I love the smell too much and I also eat ice like crazy, so I'm thinking I have low iron too. They checked mine too at the beginning of my pregnancy which seems like forever ago.
  • I haven't experienced craving non edibles but a friend of mine craved the smell of gasoline when she was pregnant. She would park at the gas station and roll down the window just to breath in the smell.
  • I crave tons of smells. Mostly lemon and cleaning products. Gain in particular is one of my favorites. I have gain detergent i even put it my mop water lol. Gain dryer sheets, Gain swifter pads (dry & wet). I'm anemic and it's a symptom of my anemia. i developed it in the beg of 3rd trimester. My bf thinks it's the weirdest thing ever when he catches me sniffing the detergent.
  • @chefnewmommy Btw I was taking a chewable prenatal vitamin without iron. Now I'm taking one with lots of iron. I still have the cravings and I've been taking them for weeks. I don't want to eat the stuff just HAVE to smell it. It can take weeks for the iron to build back up so u may still have the cravings even with the supplements. I'm only slightly anemic but they still told me to take supplements anyways since I'm high risk.
  • Lol me too no actual cravings to eat it but I have to smell my air conditioning and I crave to eat ice. I'm asking my doctor to test me next appointment for low iron. I hear the iron pills are nasty, true?
  • I take chewable a too but now I'm wondering if they have enough iorn in them! It's just a relief to know I'm not totally out of my mind! I'm definitely going to ask my dr tomorrow. As I search it on the web I see a lot of women are craving non edibles... So we aren't alone!!
  • I haven't heard anything about the taste only that they make you really constipated
  • Lol is it worth it. Do you know if the benefits outweigh the constipation.
  • Not sure but I'm going to find out. If I can just supplement more iorn rich foods instead of a pill I will. I'll ask the dr for her opinion and let you know. Constipation in the first trimester was THE WORST
  • In the first? Girl I still am getting backed up occasionally and it's no fun especially since my baby is so big now it's extra uncomfortable. So if there's no huge risk involved in having low iron, I'm going to do the same thing If I need to and eat iron rich foods
  • When I was able to eat again regularly I began to drink cherry/ pomagranite juice. I drink 8 oz every other day and It helped soooooo much. I go a couple times a day. It's the only thing that worked for me
  • I'm gonna try that!
  • Be careful at first tho... I drank a full 16 oz and was on the toilet all day.
  • I've been craving sand lately.. Or like dry dirt. It's SO INCREDIBLY weird but I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow so hopefully I can get some insight.
  • The pills aren't gross to me but they make me nauseous and give me really bad heart burn. I try to take them in the middle of my meal and that helps. They do make u constipated but I've already been having that issue since first trimester too so lol. I also been eating iron rich foods like eggs, fortified cereal like kix, cream of wheat, kale & spinach salads just to be safe, I'm vegetarian but have never had iron problems until pregnancy.
  • Omg I had this yesterday. It's gone away today but yesterday I wanted to literally drink the dreft laundry detergent. I didn't of course but I did stand a good 10 minutes and sniff it.
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    If you are craving to eat something that is not edible, call your doctor asap. This is PICA and occurs in pregnancy often.
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    Pica is common during pregnancy. You need to get your doctor to check for anemia.
  • When my aunt was pregnant she had a craving for the smell of gasoline, and actually would dab it on tissues and carry them around with her.

    I've had smell-cravings for craft beers, even though since I've been pregnant the thought of drinking one makes me gag.
  • UPDATE**** yesterday's prenatal visit was very helpful.they tested my blood again and my iorn levels have dropped s lot since they were tested before. They prescribed me an iorn suppliment along with me eating a more iorn rich diet. They said hopefully it will help curb the cravings by supplementing the nutrient I'm missing.
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