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Moms who have traveled with newborn...

any advice I can get from those that have traveled with their new born?

I am flying with my almost 3 month old in a couple of week and I think I have read every blog out there to make lists of items I'm going to need and how best to perpare myself for this. We have non stop flight so that should help and none of the flights are more than 3 hours.

Any pointers, advice products that helped you. What I should and shouldn't back? All advice is welcome.

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Re: Moms who have traveled with newborn...

  • My daughter likes to stare at weird things. We travel via car (3 hour trips) and I sewed some bright colored felt squares together and put it on the car seat back so she can stare at it. It's like a bib but just hangs on the seat so she can see it.
  • I had problem ... My baby start crying at car seat....
  • I traveled with my 3 week old in the car for 8 hours. I just made sure to keep her busy and distracted in the car and made sure she had enough padding in her car seat so she was comfortable. I also have her a little bit of baby Tylenol and that helped a lot.
  • I traveled with my 4 week old twins from Louisiana to Washington, D.C. Thank goodness I had help. I bought be infantino wraps to wear baby in airport. Word to the wise, each baby you travel with needs its own bag. Be prepared for delays. We were delayed twice in one day while flying. Make sure you pack plenty of diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, changes of clothes, etc. Make sure to bring a pacifier to help with ear popping. I bought pacifier clips because I didn't want to chase pacificers all over the airport. Good luck.
  • I travelled with my 3 month via plane for the first time last week. It went very smoothly. Pack lots of diapers, wipes and a change of cloths. He nursed the entire flights (1hrs) which helped with his ears. The moments he was agitated (going through security) where the moments I was nervous. When I was calm, he was as well.
  • We took a 6 hour road trip with our 10 week old and she slept the whole way. She woke up once to feed and we changed her but then fell back asleep. I find it's easier to travel with infants than toddlers who require more activity. Helps that she was going through a growth spurt so she just wanted to sleep.
  • The plane is hot!!!  I just flew solo with my 12 week old back home.  He did great on the first flight to FL, but back to MT he did awful.  He cried/fussed the entire 2 flights.  Would NOT go to sleep because the freckin plane was warm.  I had to strip him out of his clothes and out cold paper towels on him. 

    Advice, fly in a onesie or have one on hand.  AND ask for an ice bag if you need to.  My baby was so uncomfortable he couldn't sleep which made matters worse.  He did eat just fine on the way up/down.  And fly with an extra feeding which I was fortunate I had emergency formula on hand since I only brought 3 servings of breast milk.

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