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Help! My son won't sleep in his bed!

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About a week ago my son started waking up as soon as he leaves my arms and screaming. Not just crying but screaming! The only way he will sleep is in my arms or in bed with my husband and I. I have tried a bunch of different tricks to make his crib more appealing and restful. He just won't sleep alone! Up until about a month ago, around his 1st birthday, he would sleep through the night and in is own crib, now he absolutely won't! The past week has been the worse with no time spent in his crib not even day time naps. Am I dealing with separation anxiety at its peak? I have checked medical possibilities and no teeth are cutting that I can feel or see... Anyone else having this issue or have had this issue?

Re: Help! My son won't sleep in his bed!

  • Having this issue as well.  You are not alone.  My son will go to bed fine with no issues then wake at about 12:30 and scream and cry and refuses to go back down until I bring him in the spare bed with me.  I have no advice, just letting you know you are not alone. Hoping it is a phase and will pass.
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