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Anyone out there with newborn and dog?....

need some advice, our 3 yo American Bulldog is having tough time adjusting to my 2 week old son.  She is stressed and anxious and has had diarehha for over a week.  We took her to vet to make sure there wasn't anything else going on...put her crate and bedding away from the baby's pack and play to give her space and i have my neighbor walking her every day to get her out of the house...I will be honest, my days are so crazy I don't have a ton of time which is why I have my neighbor helping.  My husband walks her again and give her extra love when he gets home.  Is this just a waiting game?  Vet says she is fine, just needs time...anyone else have other suggestions of how to ease her stress???? 

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  • It's an adjustment period. Maybe try brown rice & chicken to help with his poo issues? It can help them not have crazy poop butt.

    It's a new world for them with new sights & smells. Give him time.

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  • I would talk to her as you do things thought the day. This is a huge change for her as well and she just doesn't know how to go about this. With my dog prioir to having my kid I let them smell everything baby I brought into the house. I've played sounds of babies crying and have had everything set up months before birth so once the baby comes it's not a huge shock. Let her smell the baby tell her she's a good girl and let her be involved. This will help her feel less replaced and more accepting of your new family member. Btw awesome neighbour for helping you out! Sounds like a keeper
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  • I have a 5 week old, 2 young dogs and a cat. we havent had any issues at all but i think the main reason is the dogs are very bonded and just keep each other company and play.

    The brown rice and ground chicken suggestion is great for an upset tummy. I doubt you're up for cooking but maybe a friend could help with that. You can also give dogs a spoonful of pepto bismol every once and a while for a really bad tummy ache.

    What did you do to prepare her for the baby? How did you introduce them?

    I would call a dog trainer/behaviorist in your area and do an in home consultation. I'm betting they will suggest positive association like giving treats when she interacts with the baby, etc. and never punish her for acting out/having accidents especially during a time like this. Mostly these things just take time.
  • We have pit bulls ( 2 y/o And a 4y/o). We haven't had any issues as of yet. My husband and I try and give the dogs some extra loving and allow them to see smell and get to know baby. We avoid telling them no and try things like " get down" when they are showing baby too much love. They already seen adjusted and baby is only 9 days old.
  • thanks for the feedback.  before baby we played baby crying sounds on the computer....worked on her obedience quite a bit, when baby arrived, husband took items from hospital and let our dog smell them, took her for walks around the block to get some energy out before she met our son..basically followed the introduction protocols of ASPCA and our vet.  allow her to smell baby and his belongings while praising her repeatedly, giving her treats and special attention when we can.  our vet said no need to change her diet if she is eating and drinking well.  the diarrhea is over but she still seems bummed out to no longer be the only one getting attention.  My hope is when the weather gets better ( I live in NY) and I can start taking baby and dog for walks together she might feel more included and get the exercise she needs.  Thanks again for suggestions...I think this might just be an adjustment period!
  • We have American Bulldogs as well. First can your neighbor stay with the baby while you walk him? This is show your dog you still are showing him attention. What is your day like? Are you giving the dog any attention? Allowing him to explore the baby by smell and allowing him to be near you both during the day? I agree it does take time however it doesn't just magically get better without doing things. Another suggestion is at night can you and your husband take turns walking him and watching the baby. Your dog needs to see that he is not being isolated.

  • i will be honest...i don't give her that much attention during the day..partially bc my son is not napping great and mostly crying or breastfeeding..all, day..long.  i try to give her attention when i can but sometimes, if my son falls asleep i need just one minute to be alone..not with the dog attached to me like glue.  my husband and i do take turns walking her so she feels like i still do stuff with her.  he (husband) takes her to the dog park and regular park for long walks on the weekends and for car rides.  we are doing the best we can.  she isn't isolated in that we are putting her in other areas of the house, her bed is right by the couch where i am pretty much parked with baby all day...but yes, the attention she wants, she isn't getting, at least not as much of it.  i really don't know what else to do.  my son has been up since 5 and with the exception of a few tiny cat naps, he just feel asleep around 2.  so before that if, i wasn't nursing or holding him, he was crying, therefore, he was my priority.  i give her treats and toys...i know its not her fault but its exhausting to her be so needy when i have a newborn that needs my focus.  I'm trying but good god...
  • She'll settle in. We haven't brought Ben home from the NICU yet to meet our greyhounds, but when I came back from my stay in the hospital, both were pretty worked up. Our girl, Zelda, threw up she was so cranked up.

    Your pup will be fine. Imagine it like any other disruption for him, like moving or getting new food (okay, that might be upsetting for HIM only XD); he needs time to adjust. You're doing great having others play with him and walk him - he'll love that attention the best!
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  • Your dog will adjust, but do you allow her to be around the baby? Or do you yell at your dog when she's near the baby. It may ease her stress to follow you around when you carry your baby, change him or feed him. Have her be close while your doing these things and she may ease up. Also remember to have good energy. I have a 3 month old son now with a 1.5 year old boxer, and of all people I know how stressful and hectic it can get, but If I am changing my son or feeding him I allow the dog to be in the same room and make him lay down so he doesn't feel away from the pack. There might be a reason why your dog is being anxious because of the baby, once you figure it out then she'll be fine. 
  • What @mirzaj1215 said is completely true - if the dog feels excluded from their 'pack' then that's where the anxiety comes from. She'll want to care for and look after you (and vice versa) so let her as close to your baby as you feel comfortable. I have a 2 year old Staffy and a 1.5 year old Am Bulldog/Rottweiler cross, and they've taken to my 2 week old daughter very well because I wanted them to be involved with her from the start. They just want to be near her and love her. Stay calm and praise your dog when she's been good and calm around the baby, and your house will be an awesome place to be. Hope that helps.
  • I have two dogs and a 10 week old. I was worried about how my poodle would react to the baby because she has always been my "baby" and has never liked children but she has had no problems adjusting. I make sure to give her some time alone with me at night and I often throw toys for her while I'm feeding or just holding my daughter. I also talk to her a lot just to try to make her feel included in whatever I'm doing. So far it's worked. I hope things get better for you. It may just take a little time
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  • Anyone have any input on how small lap dogs handle new babies? Im due in 7 weeks and then we will probably be moving a few weeks after that. Its a crazy busy time in our house and im worried how my 3 year old Chihuahua will handle it. Do you really believe that playing crying baby sound helped? This is the only thing we havnt done yet. Any additional suggestions? Im super nervous about moving with a small dog and newborn. (lets be honest I probably wont be doing much but caring for them and myself, but still.
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