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Lurker intro...

I really don't know if this is a thing, but I wrote an intro on TTC, since I read (stalk?) both these boards I thought maybe I should do it twice.. Is that redundant? I dunno.. But here it is.

Intros aren't really my thing, I feel as though some veterans around here could get sick of them (I can understand why), but they also seem to be the norm and who am I to break away from protocol and barge my way into someone else's thread without a proper intro?

So, I'm (nearly) 32, married for a year and a half to a man I've known since I was 8ish but didn't date til 27. I've had the "baby itch" on and off for a while. Mostly on, til we rescued a puppy (seriously), and after he ate all the things in my house, then peed on the rest I started rethinking my stance on babies. But really, I do want kids and I adore them, I just will never have another puppy.

I've been off BC for over a year, on and off temping on FF and lurking here since about a year ago (really, I've been too lazy to post an intro, so I just read. I don't think it's creepy) DH said before we were married he wanted to wait a bit, then he said maybe we could try, then he seemed to have changed his mind about the timing. I'm pushy, but this is the one thing I won't push him into. We bought a house, own our own business, and added said puppy to our herd that is now 3 orange cats and 2 rescued pitbulls, so I could wait a bit. Yesterday he says to me "I wish we had kids when we were younger." I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and resist banging my head into a wall, but I guess I'll take the temping thing more seriously now and maybe even attempt sex in my fertile window.

Since I've sort of stalked the boards (call it research) for a while, I saw what used to go down here, and I totally understand some of the stupid that newbies bring. I hope I won't be one of those, but really, if I say something remotely stupid, call me out on it. I promise I won't go all PMS on you and call you a bully and throw an internet tantrum. I stopped reading for a few months when I gave up hope that DH would actually be ready any time soon, and when I came back yesterday I definitely noticed a change.. It's sort of odd, but c'est la vie.

That's my story.

Re: Lurker intro...

  • Hi there!

    I probably seem like a lurker sometimes because I'm so inconsistent, but I hopped into the bump shortly after DH and I were married. I joined the knot while planning our wedding, and I skipped over the nest. I always loved children, but we weren't ready so I lurked back in the day. I was more active when we decided to try for #1, and ended up in the March 2012 board.
    Now we've decided to go for baby #2, and I'm mostly looking on here and the TTC board.

    I haven't done an intro this time around. Maybe I will...if I'm not too lazy. O_o

    Anyway...welcome back!

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