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Looking for blunt honesty

I want to give my baby girl a meaningful middle name. My deceased grandmothers name started with a V so I want to use another v name. I'm considering Veronica (more traditional) or Vienna (more unique). Which sounds better for a middle name?

Re: Looking for blunt honesty

  • It depends on the first name. I really like Vienna. Valerie is a nice option too.

  • You don't want to use your Nan's actual name? How about Verity? I like Valerie too :) not sure I like either of your own suggestions sorry!
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  • What's the first name? U could do Vivian.. I like Vienna but think of the sausages too
  • I like Vaida but I don't know what you chose as first name. And I know mine wasn't a suggestion, just my 2 cents :)
  • Darn, I liked Vienna and then you had to go and mention those weird little sausages lol
  • Well I come from a town called Vienna, so that's all I think of.  What about Victoria? Classy and royal.
  • Of the two I would say Veronica
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  • I actually like Vienna, too!  
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  • Sarahbmcd said:

    When i hear Vienna I think of sausages...

    Me too.
  • Sarahbmcd said:

    When i hear Vienna I think of sausages...

    Me too.
    LOL. This didn't come to mind at all for me but I it's probably because I am a vegetarian... :P I think I like Valerie more now. Not a big fan of Veronica.

  • I love both but Valerie best!
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  • I like Vienna more and Violet
  • I also prefer Vienna over Veronica.

    What about Victoria? I've always liked that as a middle name.
  • I also really like violet, it's sweet and not overused. Seems classic and timeless to me
  • https://www.babble.com/baby-names/girl-names-that-start-with-v/

    I googled a list. Lazy :) but there are lots to consider that I hadn't thought of out of the blue. My pregnancy brain is making me "fuzzy"
  • I like Veronica...I feel like you don't hear it very often any more. Vienna is also unique! Hopefully more people associate it with the city over the sausages :)
  • DMELDMEL member
    Thanks ladies! I hate Valerie bc I had a mean coworker with that name. My grandmothers name was Vincenza which is a mouthful haha
    I never thought about sausages when I hear Vienna lol... First name is Brooke
  • I think Brooke goes better with Vienna then, despite the sausages, lol. Brooke Veronica is a lot of a hard c/k sound and doesn't flow as well to me.

  • @sarahbmcd - lol, I think your comment belongs on the thread "You know you're in the third trimester when..." hahaha. Kidding! :)

    I like both! I wanted to name my dd Veronica. But I agreen Vienna goes a little more with Brooke. 

  • Brooke Victoria is beautiful!
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  • I second Violet
  • My mother inlaws middle name is Vera which I quite like (like Vera wang)
  • I love Vicenza! That's where my husband and I got engaged.

    Brooke Vienna does sound better though. Violet is beautiful as well.
  • Of the two I prefer the name Veronica. But at the same time it has to flow with the first and last name. When I hear Vienna I think of Vienna mocha crunch (ice cream)
  • Brooke Vivian ? Brooke Vera. Brooke violet. No matter what it will be beautiful! Love the name Brooke
  • Brooke Vienna is adorable
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