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DIY inserts

Anyone out there making their own inserts and if so what materials are you using?
We use gDiapers and Flips and I want to start making my own and cut down on the disposables. I know buying inserts would pay for themselves but they are so expensive up front and I can sew so I figured I would give it a try. I'm thinking bamboo outer with microfiber inner (? # layers).

Is it worth the effort? has anyone else tried this?

Re: DIY inserts

  • In the FAQ at the top of the page is a guide to making your own inserts. The original author of that post as well as most of the regulars from this board are now on the new site. You should be able to track us down using info in previous posts.

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  • Thanks! I have been to the new site but haven't had much time to look around yet
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