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Jittery movements

Anyone get jittery or shaky feeling kicks or jerks? I notice this more and more and my next appointment isn't until Monday. It seems like a reflexive movement but is so fast that it's worrying me.

I'm genuinely worried about her being one of the rare babies to have seizures in utero- especially since I've not gotten much of a response from other boards about people having this... :(

Re: Jittery movements

  • I get it! I made my husband feel it tonight. I'm going to ask my doctor about it tomorrow, but I'm not real worried. The way I see it is when I have a really good stretch, sometimes my muscles sort of tense and shake. I think he's just in there stretching things out. Try not to worry, I think the seizures are rare! Maybe if your doctor has a message center of some sort you could shoot them a message. Might put your mind at ease?
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