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2.5 yr old celiac symptoms

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Hi! Our 2.5 yr old is in the middle of a bunch of testing right now to try and figure out why he is having such bad pains/bloating/constipation etc. His list of symptoms is huge. His first set of bloodwork came back stating that the celiac test was equivocal 12-18 (17.1). So grey area. We are currently awaiting the results of another round of bloodwork. Just wondering if anyone else out there has a little boy with celiac and what his symptoms were? I know the list of symptoms for celiac is broad and everyone is different, but I am interested to know. Thanks!

Re: 2.5 yr old celiac symptoms

  • My dd was 20 months when she was diagnosed. She didn't have bloating but severe vomiting and weight loss. Her blood test was a definite signal but the definitive diagnosis came from an upper endoscopy and biopsy.
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    I'm so late to this but in case you're still checking  -

    DS was diagnosed when he was 17 months old.  The symptoms REALLY reared their ugly head over a month's time - throwing up, diarrhea, lethargy, and then eventually losing weight. 

    When they finally tested his blood work, his #s were off the chart.  I can't remember the specifics, but if a normal range was "15 - 30", he was over 300.  There was just no question.  And once we took him off gluten, with in 3 days there was a clear difference in his persona.  He had been so sad and so sick and so "blah" for such a long time, and by the end of the 3 days, his energy was coming back, his spunk was there, etc. 

    We've never done the endoscopy.  his pedi GI felt that the evidence was so strong that he didn't see a need at that time.  
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  • My 2.5 yr old and i have celiac. Symptoms were typical IBS type things, Slow growth rate (im 4'11 and she's a peanut too). I wasnt diagnosed till adulthood so i had wayyyyy more probs and organs/systems involved. If the testing is negative of symptoms cont after gluten free diet research "leaky gut". Its very hard to find an MD Who can treat t though. Good luck!!!
  • My advice as someone with a negative blood result but definitely problematic symptoms is after the testing if nothing is certain to take him off of the big 9 allergy foods and slowly try them one at a time. This will help you know what is a problem and what isn't. If off of the big ones and still showing symptoms it also gives your dr more information.
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