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morning (ALL DAY) sickness

Hey all!!! I am 8 wks today and finding it close to impossible to keep ANYTHING down... What foods do u guys suggest? I'm so concerned the baby isn't getting any nutrition.

Re: morning (ALL DAY) sickness

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    Omg I am having the same exact thing I haven't ate a proper meal in about a week but I feel more bland food have helped me a lot also I was informed that if you were healthy before pregnancy then your baby will get all its nutrients from you. So the first few months it'll be okay
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    My best advice would be to sip and nibble. Get some saltine crackers and some water and nibble and sip. Just make sure to keep yourself hydrated! Having the doctor hydrate you is NO FUN! If you have been battling this for a few days I would consult your OB and he/she can give you something for the constant nausea. A lot of woman take phenergan, but I have seen quite a few things on TV saying to call your lawyer if your on phenergan while pregnant. So I would ask for something else. Sending good vibes your way and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers :)
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