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Shower for a second baby

I got an invite in the mail for an acquaintance yesterday for a shower for her second daughter. I wasn't invited to the first one and we're not close enough for her to be invited to mine. I dont plan on going but should I still send her a small gift? I've sent gifts before for other friends and family members showers that I wasn't able to attend but don't know where to go with this one.

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    Send a gift if you would have purchased a gift regardless of the shower. My best friend recently had her second, and I gave a gift, but it's not something I would do for second-time parent who I had a less close relationship with.
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    I wouldn't send a gift and I wouldn't feel bad about it.
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    If you wouldn't have given her a gift otherwise, no, you don't need to give her a gift now - just because you were invited to her shower.
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    If I can't attend an event, I usually don't send a gift. However, if it's a family member or a very close friend, I might send a gift...but I'd never miss their events either, so I have not run into that problem. 

    I'd just RSVP that you aren't going to make biggie. If she isn't someone you'd invite to your Shower, why buy and send something for hers? (It sounds like you aren't close like that!)
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    having a shower for a second baby isn't even normal. so no. don't feel bad.
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