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Socialization...need reassurance

So my daughter who just turned 2 in January has been at an in-home daycare since she was 7 months old.  We've had the pleasure of being with her during school breaks and summer as my husband and I are both teachers.  However, I'm due with my second in June and daycare is sooo expensive so I was looking at alternatives.  I found a wonderful woman to come into our house and watch both of them starting in November when I go back to work for quite cheap.  It sounds too good to be true. The only issue I'm having is that my daughter who is used to being with a boy 2.5 and a 3.5 year girl will now be stuck home with her infant brother.  I feel she is soo smart, so verbal, so well behaved and has gained so much from her environment and I'm afraid she'll not only regress but not be challenged being by herself.  Has anyone experienced this? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.  TIA

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Re: Socialization...need reassurance

  • Are there any programs at all she can be in, even a couple days a week? I personally wouldn't want my toddler staying at home without other kids after being in an enriching environment like that.
  • Would this new woman be willing to take her to a playgroup a few times a week? At least then she would still get to interact with other children regularly.
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    That is one of the reasons I keep my toddler in her daycare center.  As much as it sucks paying that bill each week DDs development is simply amazing and she LOVES being there with her little friends.  Something drastic would have to happen for me to even think about pulling her.  
  • If you are nervous about the new care provider going out with 2 kids you can always ask if she would be up for another child or 2 once a week visiting for a play date.
  • I know another family with a nanny who does this--they have the nanny drop the older child off at preschool/playgroup activities in the mornings, and pick up at lunch, then both kids take naps. Gets the wiggles out!
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