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new to formula at 10 months

I've been losing my supply, so I've started supplementing with formula. I'm hoping to just go ahead and wean now. This may sound so stupid, but I really don't have much knowledge about formula. Right now, I'm using Enfamil Gentleease powder. Here are my questions:

1- how many ounces does your 10 month old drink? (i know every baby is different, but i have no clue where to begin)
2- do you fix bottles ahead of time?
3- do you shake the bottles to mix? i feel like i read somewhere that shaking is bad, but what else do you do?
4- night feedings... do you make the bottle ahead and grab from fridge? or just make it real quick?
5- how do you warm bottles? right now, i'm just using warm tap water, then powder, then shaking. (our tap water is good)

Simple questions, I'm sure, but this BF mama has no clue! Thanks!

Re: new to formula at 10 months

  • If I were in your shoes I would just test out 6-8 oz and see how much LO eats of it, and adjust it from there.
    I am pumping and supplementing about 10 oz a day with formula.I prepare formula ahead of time using Dr Brown's formula mixing pitcher. (which I love). This allows me to make larger amounts of milk ahead of time and I don't ever get bubbles or clumps. After I make the milk I pour it into a large bottle and keep it in the fridge and use it as needed.  (most formulas can stay in the fridge for about 24 hours). 
    As for warming the bottles, I use a bottle warmer. If I am not home I will place bottle in a bowl/cup of hot water until it warms up. My LO isn't too picky and doesn't need it too warm. I have hard water so I don't use tap water. 
    I think the way you are making it seems fine.... making it ahead of time may help save time and avoiding too many bubbles/clumps. It's all about preference. :) Hope this helps and if you have any other questions- let us know! :)
    oh and when I am running errands and know I won't have access to warming up milk-I will just fill bottle(s) up with water and use those formula storage containers with pre measured formula and pour it into bottle and shake... which does sometimes cause clumps/bubbles but it's not every feeding so I am not too worried about it.
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    For night feedings, I take the premixed and refrigerated bottles and pack in a lunchbox with ice packs. I take all of that upstairs with me and pull one out as I need it. (I have 6 week old so still several night feedings) I have the Munchkin High Speed bottle warmer from Walmart. I just use it to bring the formula to room temp. It's so cold here that I can't stand feeding baby a cold bottle. This has worked well for us and my husband says will save us money since I'm not constantly running hot water from the faucet to warm bottles. Also, I love the Dr. Brown formula pitcher. Makes mixing so much easier!
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