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Stop the snot-sanity!

My 5 month old baby girl caught a little cold in the last week of January. She feels fine now, it wasnt severe and didnt progress into other things. She still has excessive snot though. Her nose fills up with snot 3 to 4 times a night and has to be sucked out. I have tried the warm mist humidifier but that doesnt seem to help. She was sleeping so well before and now she, and therefore I, wake up every 30 minutes to two hours every night. I want my sleep back so so badly, Does anyone have any advice on stopping the snot?

Re: Stop the snot-sanity!

  • We used the Nose Frieda snot sucker thing...Super gross, but it works way better than anything else... Our Dr. says to just let out 24 week old LO ride it out...

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    You could try to elevate the head of the mattress or crib a little so she is slightly inclined, that might help the sinuses drain better so she can sleep. This worked well when when my LO had a cold. She was in a Rock N Play and we propped up the front with some books. Otherwise she couldn't sleep at all because she wasn't able to breath. Good Luck, its rough.
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  • I second the nose frieda gadge. it is gross but it works very well
  • Ugh...we had this exact same thing. By about 4 am 3 nights in a row, I moved her to her swing so there was an incline. She would then sleep until 7 or 8 no problem :)
  • In addition to the warm mist we used a vaporizer with eucalyptus oil. I never tried the nose frida but love the electric one by graco - it's so easy

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  • thanks guys. I have a warm mist vaporizer going and I have a generic nose freida, picked it up at walgreens for about 12 bucks! I use the arm and hammer babys saline spray and it is great. I wouldnt get any snot sucked out without it. She did finally get rid of that snot...for a couple days. Now she's got some other kind of crud and its worse than before. Long live winter eh? poor kiddo
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