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How to schedule with visitors

Our baby is almost 9 weeks old and my husband works while I'm at home Solo. So far, I feel very lucky, things have gone well. The only thing I struggle with is scheduling visitors. i feel pressure to have visitors almost every day but with her only being awake for an hour or so at a time, I find myself stressed trying to sync her schedule with visits or upsetting her schedule because we have visitors. Its even worse if I almost have her asleep and then someone arrives. just wondering how you all deal with visitors and your baby's schedule.

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  • This is always a challenge for me too. The eat, play, sleep routine has given me a better idea of when she will be awake... I've started giving visitors approximate times to visit ("let's plan on sometime between 2-3") but I let them know she might be napping, then when the day arrives for the visitors to come I see how our day is going and as it gets close to the time they are supposed to drop by I'll send them a text "she just went down for a nap, she should be up in an hour" or something like that. People have been very understanding for the most part, and it's so important to get those naps in and keep them on a routine!
  • Honest question, why are you feeling pressured to have visitors daily. I would nip that. Your LO is 9 weeks not 9 days. You guys need to get your life and routine down and I'm assuming you didn't schedule visitors daily prior to having a child. After both kids and with the new one visitors will be welcome of course at the beginning but I don't plan to Continue having people scheduled or dropping by after a week or so. I have a life and don't need to be waiting for a time to stop daily or having people stop by unannounced. If someone wants to get together we can make plans but again not daily. Be firm stop the daily visitors. Then you can get a routine down with your LO

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  • I was feeling a lot of pressure to have daily visitors as well. The answer to the problem is to just say no. You have to give yourself time to be on a schedule and you & your baby shouldn't suffer to accommodate others during this time.
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