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So LO just cut one tooth, and I think there are more about to come. I've given him Tylenol some nights and he seems to sleep better. So is it the Tylenol knocking him out or is it just relieving pain so he can sleep? I feel a little guilty for giving him Tylenol.

Re: Teething

  • Lucky! I'm just waiting for these teeth to come through. The Tylenol isn't knocking him out but it is relieving the pain so he sleeps.
  • I think our sons are twins, @blondee4685‌. We have been "teething" for months now but no teeth. When I can tell he's fussy from it before bed we'll do Tylenol, but I agree it doesn't knock him out, just helps with the pain so he can settle and sleep.
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  • Thanks ladies :smile:
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