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When did you get your "outy" belly button?

Just a random thought to start some conversation....So when did your belly button pop out?  I get a big round belly right away and mine has been out for quite a while and I am 21 weeks now. I saw the other day they make these bands you put over your belly button to hide your popped belly button when pregnant.  THey showed before and after pictures and advertised it as so much better looking and that it takes the embarrassment away.  I never really thought mine was embarassing!  People can always see it through my clothing and comment on it....but it never really horrified me....maybe I should have been mortified all these years and times????

Re: When did you get your "outy" belly button?

  • Mine hasn't out-ted yet. Tho I don't see why it should be embarrassing when it does out. Whatever, geez. Yet another company trying to make money off our societal pressures. :-/
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  •  I don't get an outie. Too much fat?
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  • I waited and waited with DD but never did. It was close... But stayed flat in the end. I guess I have a pretty deep innie.

    It's not even close to popping this time and I'm 27 weeks.
    Me: 38, DH: 35
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  • Mine never pops out. Not with any of my pregnancies. I wouldn't be embarrassed tho. No one can help it and you're pregnant..I think it's cute!
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  • Oh geez, mine came out with my first 10 years ago and never went back in!! I'm not sure what happened...Lol!!

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  • Mine didn't pop the first time and my doctor said at my last appointment (36
    Wks) this time it likely won't either. I don't know why but the idea if it popping freaks me out!
  • I'm at 32 weeks and it's mostly just flat.  Mine didn't pop out last time, and I think I'm probably just going to have a flat one again this time too.

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  • I didn't have one with DS and so far, don't have one with this one either.
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  • I think it's crazy that they sell a band to hide your outtie.  Silly, silly world we live in.
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  • Hmm... I'm almost 36 weeks and still have an innie... not sure it will pop out, it's getting a lot smaller though, more like a slit now.
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  • I can't believe so many peoples don't pop out!  People are constantly telling me my "timer popped" because it looks just like a turkey timer sticking out!
  • Mine is stretched totally flat and creeps me out - pretty sure there is nothing under there that could pop out.
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