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Stop breast milk??

I started trying to breast feed but my son wanted nothing to do with it... That along with several other reasons, I've decided to go with bottle feeding instead. What is the best way to stop the breast milk that has already started coming in?? I've looked up a few things but was hoping to hear from people that have actually done this! Thanks in advance!!

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  • No More Milk tea
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  • Cold Cabbage leaves in bra
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  • Get cabbage leaves.
    Chill them.
    Cut a hole for your nipple.

    Roll the cabbage leaves with a rolling pin to crush the veins (releases active ingredients) . Put on your breasts until the cabbage leaves are warm. FYI: the cabbage might smell pretty gnarly.

    Sudafed regular style (usually behind the counter). Plain-- take as directed on label. It can make you feel like you've downed a bunch of coffee. That could be a bonus? Lol.

    Cold compresses- hand express just to relieve discomfort, but avoid massage, hot water (even in the shower) or other stimulation of the breast tissue.

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  • For DD I used the cabbage leaves. thought it was the silliest thing I had ever heard, but man did it help! Love the PP suggestion of rolling it to get the "ingredients" out! You will feel discomfort for a week or so.
  • Wow I never knew one can use cabbage leaves that way! My brother's wife had to take a pill when she was in a similar situation, and she said it was pretty painful..
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