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Carrier/sling rec

So I can't put my lo down at all without him crying. I can't do anything else but hold him. Looking for recommendations on a carrier or sling?

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  • I have both an Ergo and Ktan and love them! Both are comfortable and I can do anything!
  • I am about to look into one too. Mine won't stay down for long.
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  • I like the way the ktan looks. Any stores sell it?

  • Look for a Baby Wearing International group near you so you can try before you buy. K'tan is an easy to use carrier, but you need to make sure you get the right size.
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  • I love my ergo! When my LO was smaller we used the moby which was good for getting things done around the house.
  • I absolutely LOVE my K'tan... make sure you order by the sizing guides. It also says that if you are shorter 5'2 or 5'3 or shorter to order a size down. My LO loves to snuggle into it.
  • Love my Ergo Performance. Tula carriers seem to get lots of love in the babywearing community.


  • I have the Tula and love it!

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  • I wanted a k'tan but was told the material is too stretchy and as baby gets bigger, they hang too low so doesn't work with bigger babies. The ring slings were given better reviews because they're more adjustable and fabric remains tight. As for carriers, I've heard the Tula is fabulous. The ergo requires an infant insert that some people say makes LOs very hot. So if you're in a cold area probably not an issue. I'm in south Florida so that gets tough. I heard good things about the beco Gemini also. No infant insert required. I was also advised to look for a baby wearing international chapter. They have "lending libraries" so you can try stuff out
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    Hands down-- the best carrier you can buy is a lillebaby. Newborn to 35 lbs, with no insert needed like many of the other carriers.  K'tans are hard because you have to get sizing just right, and tula isn't recomended until 15 lbs or more so you can't use it immediately out of the box with the newborn, you'd have to get the insert as well.

    I use my lillebaby complete with my 10 month old and my three year old. Has a pocket on it (!!!), lumbar support so there's no back pain, and allows you to carry the baby in 6 positions.  It is literally the only carrier you'll ever need to buy!
  • Second the lillebaby. I'm a FTM but carried my nephew in the Ergo (which I did like, but lillebaby has the pocket and is cooler and can hold an infant) and got a bebo for my newborn, but hated all the wrapping. Just got the Lille and started using it at 3 1/2 weeks! It's great!! Have gone on little walks and get complements at the grocery. I got whatever the mesh one was in anticipation of the summer in champagne!
  • I got a ktan and my baby seems to enjoy it, even falling asleep in it multiple times after looking around for a bit. I got it online at bed bath and beyond since we had a gift card there. Only downfall is I love to garden and still cannot get low enough with the ktan to do what I want there. For household chores though it's a win.
  • Ergo!!! I love my ergo and so does DD! The infant insert keeps her extra cozy!
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    My little one is the same way, can't put her down or else she cries. I have a Sakura Bloom ring sling and love it; it is easy to learn to use and works well for a small baby (my dd was born 4lbs 14oz and is up to six and change now). Very convenient, and easy to get a sleeping baby out of it, which is a plus. You can get them made of different materials - the one I have is light, breathable linen, great for warm central CA.
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