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Starting solids questions

just curious :

what was the first food you gave LO? Rice/oatmeal/ veggie/fruit?

What time of day did you start giving them food at first. Any particular reason you went with that certain time?

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Re: Starting solids questions

  • With our first DD we started with rice cereal. We started with a morning feeding. It was recommended to start early in the day in case she spit it back up and choked, or if she developed any sort of allergy. When you start solids a good guideline is to do one food for at least 3 days so if there are any allergies  you see it right away and know what its from! Also depending on your diet would be what you start on. IE sweet breast milk would lead me to start on fruit and then rotate in a veggie. :) Good luck! 
  • We started with barley-flax meal. Then moved on to small cubes of sweet potato, carrots & peas. We did baby led weaning because the spoon apparently was the devil until he could wield it himself.

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  • Different pediatricians advise different "start" foods. Mine ado vacated starting savory first (sweet potato, avocado, chicken etc) then sweet. Like every thing else-- it depends on the baby about what actually works.

    It's all a rough guideline & trial/error. Give things a try & then go with what works. It's all for practice/taste until a year old anyway. So you don't have to worry about whether baby actually eats the food. It's about learning, taste, texture & fun. It's not super serious.

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  • We started with oatmeal with apple when DD was 3 months old, introducing it during the morning meals.
  • We started with rice cereal when he was about 3 months old. I went with an evening feeding, mornings are more hectic and then he's in daycare during day. He's been having fun with it, we're going to introduce in some pureed veggies here in a few weeks. 
  • We skipped cereals. Had banana then apples and avocado. Started in the morning because you want to see if they are allergic to something. If you give it at night they could have a delayed reaction overnight and you'd miss it. 

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  • During my four months visit with my baby's physician, I was told to first mix breastmilk (or formula) with a single grain cereal..."Gerber Oatmeal" or "Gerber Rice Cereal". Then I was told to introduce a new vegetable per day (baby food veggie), then introduce fruits and once you've tried a food, then on the following day when you introduce the food, your baby can eat all of the other foods. This is just to make sure that LO doesn't have food allergies.
  • We started DS on rice cereal at 4 months and he wouldn't take it so we had to add banana. He LOVES it and started taking it at night before bath time. We then started giving it to him in the mornings as well, before nap time. Our newest food is sweet potatoes that he is starting to warm up to and he is getting them for lunch in the afternoon. As of Friday we will be adding peas for dinner. The only reason we started with these foods was because the doctor told us about starting with rice cereal and then for the fruits and veggies we are just going by what our baby bullet manual says.
  • My LO will be 4 months in two weeks, and I'm
    So looking forward to feeding her solids. I'm just wondering if anyone was asked to wait To start on solids till their babies turn 6 months???
  • I think it's recommended to start solids closer to 6 months if your LO is EBF. FF can start anytime between 4-6 months.

    That being said I EBF and fed my DS oatmeal at 4 months. Unfortunately he had an allergic reaction, so I'm waiting until 5 months and trying again. I think it's completely up to you when they start.
  • I do EBF my LO and was wondering if she can start with some rice cereal at 4 months. I'll have to ask her doctor. But thanks for the info.
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    We started with rice cereal in her formula...she was premie by 2 months but is rapidly growing. we introduced rice cereal when she was eating up to 20oz a day and always still hungry which was at about a month and a half old. We are now giving her 1st foods of bananas and Apple's sweet potatoes and squash. We give her 2tsps of each with 2tbsp of rice cereal now 2xa day. She is almost 4 months old now and is also already starting to teethe. Everything is trial and error and every baby is different. Take your time and see what your baby likes.
  • I started with rice for my DD. Her pediac advised us to start with half a tsp at first and slowly increase the quantity. He asked us to cook the rice like a porridge, mash it, filter it and give the extract in a semi solid form. I started giving her at 10.00 am every day. I slowly increased the quantity.

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