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Favorite TV genre

Tell us your fave genre and why.

Re: Favorite TV genre

  • I'm a fan of cooking shows. Or even a restaurant review type show.

    They are my fave because they give me inspiration for future dinners.
    I used to watch Alton Brown's original show 'Good Eats'. He gave so many tips and tricks on the how and why to do things a certain way as well as which seasonings work with which foods. He was the reason I cooked lobster myself once. I've now expanded and do them on the BBQ frequently.

  • I like a bunch.drama, comedy, crime shows, I don't like scary though so no criminal minds or any of those other scary things
  • I like comedy predominately, but I don't have time for tv since I started student teaching.
  • I am definitely a crime TV show junkie. I think the old Law and Order SVUs with Stabler are my favorite. My mom got me into watching Criminal Minds, but I am on a mental break from that right now. I went on a Criminal Minds bender for a few days, and then couldn't even feel safe walking around my own house!! I also like home reno shoes, my favorite being Rehab Addict :)
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  • I like comedy and drama,  the list of what we watch now are: big bang, two and a half men, NCIS, NCIS LA, NCIS NOLA, Greys, sirens, Meat eater, Bar rescue, Once upon a time and a few more I cant think of

    Thank goodness for DVR!!!

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  • We don't have cable so I watch Hulu and Netflix, it's whatever I can get in there basically
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