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On back of the post below...first formula

Hi All. I was reading through the post below about formula feeding from the beginning and wanted to take a quick poll. I BF DS for 3 months, and when I got MRSA I literally quit cold turkey in the hospital, my DH went out and bought Enfamil Gentlease and thats the formula we used from there on out. I am not sure what I will do for this baby yet. I would like to try BF and if it doesnt work after the first week I am fine with switching right to formula. I just assume go with Gentlease again, but how did you make the decision which formula to begin with? Just trial and error, right?

Also-any thoughts on generic brands vs Enfamil?

Re: On back of the post below...first formula

  • When my DD1 was born and needed supplementing we just went with what the hospital was using. At the time we were living in Europe. When we moved back home to the US DD1 was 7mo and at that point I went 100% formula. First I tried Gerber bc it is made by the same company as our Swiss formula. But it felt/smelled/dissolved completely differently, in a bad way. So I went with the yellow Enfamil and stuck with it till she was 1. No particular reason to choose it. It was just a visible brand and she had no known food issues so I had no reason to buy specialty formula.
  • I had to stop nursing for the same reason!! My daughter was just shy of four months.
    As far as the decision on which formula to use, we stuck with the same brand the hospital used. We started with Similac Advance and then switched to Sensitive after a few weeks. I am not sure... I was told never to switch formula without consulting your pedi first? But then if there is no known issues it may not be a big deal? I just happened to check with mine because we were in her office at the time.
    I saved up all the coupons, I received and that made buying the brand name formula a little bit easier. I am a little leery of generic brands. I don't know why... it's just me. I don't even buy generic foods at the grocery story hardly. However, I have heard great things about Target's Up and Up brand.
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    I just randomly went with Similac Sensitive at first because I had to supplement and was in a hurry to pick one out. However I since then did some research on all formulas and after trial and error/testing some out, I am now using Earth's Best organic formula.
    The Honest Company just came out with an organic formula- and I ordered a trial tub and will see how LO does with that one.
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