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  • Chichigo said:

    In theory, I like the book instead of a card idea. However, as several others have mentioned, it's hard to not duplicate books.

    We received a lot of disposable diapers for my shower, with encouragement from the hostess. I planned in using cloth, registered for cloth, but no one thought I'd stick with it. I gave the disposables to a friend with a son two months younger than mine.

    I plan to cloth diaper as well, and have had some horribly rude comments from Fiancé's side of the family about it. I can't wait to be a rude bi*** and say thanks for all the useless diapers I won't be using, and for wasting my time making a registry with EXACTLY what I want on it, and giving me a crap ton of "gifts" I'll literally be throwing in the trash later.

    Also I love the book idea. We did that for my little sister, and they only received a couple duplicates. Remember that kids don't take care of things like this anyway, and having a backup isn't the end of the world!
    We are cloth diapering and I understand how frustrating it can be when you feel nobody supports the decision. However, they are spending their money on a gift for you, they do not have to do that. Just say thank you and either take the diapers back or give them to someone in need, a shelter and/or a food pantry. Women's shelters and food pantries are almost always in need. Your unwanted gifts could be a godsend to them. Instead of being a "rude b****", why not just prove them wrong? Stick with your plan and show them that you can cloth diaper. You can do all of that without stopping to their level of horribly rude comments?
    Also, a registry is more of a guideline to what you need. If people buy from it that's great. If not, then oh well.
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