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How much weight did you put on?


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  • I'm close to 25 weeks and I haven't gained anything, doctor hasn't mentioned anything yet. But I did start out pudgy so maybe it'll be all baby and not more thighs. Long as he's growing on track all is well.
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  • 27+5 and I've gained 32 lbs. I'm 5'8" and was average weight pre pregnancy. I'm still wearing size s/m maternity pants though and my cup size has increased 2 sizes. I'm also retaining a lot of water since I work on my feet all day. I've also been working out the past couple months 2-3 times a week with cardio and weights. I feel good most of the time even though that weight gain scared me! Doctor wasn't worried, just said to be conscious of my eating habits. My mother gained 50lbs with me and lost it all plus some just breast feeding in like 6 months. I'm not too worried, everyone's different!
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  • Yikes! 27 weeks...gained 32 lbs. pregnancy is going awesome ( except my feet ...!), and I still work out! Go figure. At times, I think working out is futile ...?! ( But I love it mentally )!!
  • At my check up last week at 25 weeks I had gained 19 lbs. I think I'm about the same as I was with my daughter last time, and I gained 30lbs with her. Hoping to not go over 35. Chocolate calls my name though.
  • 25 weeks and I've gained 8 lbs. I work in an ER, so I walk a lot and don't have time to eat! :( OB hasn't said anything and baby boy is measuring on I guess it's fine :)
  • 25 weeks and gaind around 25 lbs.. man all these people who have gained aroumd 10 lbs r depressing
  • I'm 29 weeks tomorrow and just got weighed. I've gained about 22 pounds so far. No one has commented on my weight so I'm assuming it's ok.
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    29 weeks today and up almost 18 lbs.

    ETA - 5'7" and started around 146 lbs.
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  • I am 28 weeks today and I have put on 24 pounds
  • I'm 28 weeks and have gained 17 so far. I asked my dr about the size of the baby and she said he was in the 82 percentile, to which I freaked out about! She told me that if I didn't want to grow such a big baby that I needed to watch my carb intake. Anyone else's baby measuring big? I was a big baby, so I assumed I wouldn't have a teeny tiny baby.
  • I'm 28 weeks and have gained 17 so far. I asked my dr about the size of the baby and she said he was in the 82 percentile, to which I freaked out about! She told me that if I didn't want to grow such a big baby that I needed to watch my carb intake. Anyone else's baby measuring big? I was a big baby, so I assumed I wouldn't have a teeny tiny baby.
    Baby size is primarily influenced by genetics. Mine was also in the 80th percentile at 20 weeks, no idea about now. His bones were measuring longer than average, though, and i doubt that is from the carbs I'm eating. 
  • Thank you for posting this! After reading most of these replies I was feeling horrible about myself.
  • 25w and and down 2lbs but I had gained 14lbs in the 8 weeks before I conceived (steroids?) and I'm already 15 lbs heavier than when I was full term with my first and 3lbs from when I was full term with my 2nd. So, I'm not small to begin with weight wise at 5'2".
  • 25 weeks with twins and so far about 21lbs. I have been a bit worried that I'm not gaining enough but I'm measuring about 36 weeks and at our last ultrasound the estimated weights for our boys were 2lbs 3oz and just over 2lbs so it seems like they are growing well :)
  • A couple weeks makes a difference. I was up 17 lbs at my appointment Friday. Gained around 50 with my last. Lost it all by the time he was one. It's all just temporary:)
  • 27 weeks and up 15 pounds...  So far, it's been a steady 1/2 pound a week, but I expect to start gaining more quickly during the third trimester? 
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  • 25 weeks....about 25 lbs  :P
  • 29 weeks...7 lbs
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  • At my 24 week appt I had gained 9 lbs. Go back tomorrow for 28 week check up i think I'll prob have a 13/14lb weight gain by now. I've been staying active and trying to eat healthier. We did IVF to get pregnant so have been cautious since the beginning not wanting to hurt anything.
  • I am 29 weeks and have gained 20lbs.
  • I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow and am only 6 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight. I lost a lot of weight during the first trimester and have been gaining the weight back with the help of Diclectin.
  • 27 weeks and I've gained 6 pounds, I lost 6 in the beginning though
  • 27weeks and only gained 6lbs
  • 26 weeks and I've gained about 8lbs. I'm tiny still thankfully but I wish I looked a bit more pregnant haha.
  • Almost 28 weeks and I've gained about 15. Talked to my mom yesterday and she gained 30 lbs with each of my siblings and me, and we were all well over 8 lbs, so I'm hoping I'm on the same track!
  • 29 weeks and have gained 26 pounds. I was 127 pre pregnancy.
  • 26 weeks and up 17 lbs.
  • Thank god I'm not the only one! I was on a different weight gain thread where all the women were like "I've only gained 7lbs" and I'm over here at 27 weeks happily eating everything in sight and have gained 30lbs... I am trying to maintain that amount but I can't stop eating bowls of cereal... Everyone else says to not worry about it and to eat what I want... I've growing a child after all and that's a lot of hard work!!!
  • I started at 168 lbs but i had severe hg first tri and lost 15 lbs. My last app was Monday and I am back to 166, so i really just have stayed the same I guess lol for now.


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  • I feel so awful, I've gained over 45lbs and I'm overweight midwife told me I'm slightly diabetic whatever that means and I'm worried about the baby dr says I could have hard labor I'm first time mom and I'm worried almost 30 weeks
  • 29 weeks along and have gained 19 lbs. I was hoping to max out at 25, but that's not gonna happen.
  • 29w, 20lbs... I had a 5lb gain in the last 2 weeks!

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  • 29 weeks and I've gained a total of 17 pounds. Stepping on the scale was scary yesterday at the doctors, but I was pleasantly surprised - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!
  • I'm 28 weeks and I lost 10 lbs in my first trimester but gained that back plus 12 lb!
  • 25 weeks 4days, and I'm up 16 lbs
  • I'm 30 weeks & I've gained 15 pounds. So now I weigh 115
  • 29 weeks...20lbs
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  • 29weeks...20lbs
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  • 28 weeks, I am 5'3 and was 109lbs so very petite.. I weighted today at 150lbs!!!! Holy cow 41lbs already and my baby is already big at 3.2lbs. Not sure how I'm gonna push that lil dude out of me in 12 weeks.
  • 33 lbs at 26 weeks ... I gained a total of 57 lbs my first pregnancy but started at a much lower weight too.. So we will see how much more this mama grows in the next 13 weeks!
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