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older siblings say the darndest things :)

Hi ladies :) thought of sharing the funniest things my DD1 says to or about our newest addition I'm sure you guys also have more!

1. When the baby was roomed in-- 'what a cute lite face mom. I really like this baby that you chose'

2. DD asks for permission. To touch DD2: 'can I touch her claws mom?'

3 DD asking if she can stroke DD2's hair - 'promise mom I will PET her very gently '

Would love to hear yours so we could all take a break from the tiring and sleepless nights :)

i love you, my little mooncake mahal kita
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Re: older siblings say the darndest things :)

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  • When my 6 year old nephew met the baby he said "that's not real! Is it real?"
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