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Bad Breathq

I am in the last 2 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy and my boyfriend told me that my breath has been bad for the last couple of weeks. I am brushing, flossing and rinsing and nothing is helping. I haven't heard of this as a symptom, any thoughts or suggestions??? I am super self conscious about it now that I know.

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  • Ive never heard of that being a symptom of pregnancy, but with all the hormone changes, possibly different foods or medications you are taking, it could happen. I would just continue to do what you are doing, and chew sugar-free gum every once in a while if its really bothering you
  • Try to drink more water. Often pg can give you dry mouth & cause tooth issues.

    Gargle with salt water & saline spray for your nostrils before bed then also when you wake up.

    If it continues tell your provider.

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  • I actually have heard this along with feet smelling - I have both.
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  • I would do as pp's have said.  Continue to take excellent care of your teeth, talk to your dentist and carry around sugar free gum. 

    If I were you, I would also go a step further and call my husbandman a jerk.  But that's just me

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  • You've gotten good advice. I think it depends on what the smell is like - if it is just regular "morning breath" smell then try drinking more water and make sure you are brushing your tongue well. What you eat makes a big difference, too. If it is more of a rotting/blood smell then you need to see a dentist to rule out an infection which could be really dangerous to you and the baby. 

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