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window AC unit in nursery? advice please

So we don't have C/A but we have window units and we keep debating whether we should put one in the nursery or not.. the nursery is tiny,..very tiny we realized we should of put it in the big spare room but anyway... It actually works out nice so everything is not too far from reach. My husband thinks we should, but I'm just worried about it blowing on the baby and making him get sick. what is everyones advice?!? I'm in serious nesting mode tonight and need to have this figured out ASAP!!! lol 



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Re: window AC unit in nursery? advice please

  • I have the same dilemna so im anxious to see what other peoples responses are...
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  • I would just use a fan for a really small space, either way though I don't think I would put an a/c in the baby's room- only because the window units can get really cold pretty quickly- it would be a bit of a hassle. Definitely do the fan though. We put a ceiling fan in the nursery. 

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  • I wouldn't because it would get cool very quickly, and could be too harsh. We have one in our bedroom window and it dries out my nose and throat very badly. So that would be my concern. I agree with PP, a fan or ceiling fan would probably work well and is actually reccomended since fresh air helps prevent SIDS

  • Our nursery is relatively small but we installed an AC unit in there anyway. We'll just keep an eye on the temp in the room and make sure she's comfortable. I'd rather she have A/C than be too hot, since our attic isn't insulated and it makes our second floor pretty warm.
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  • My DS's room is 10' by 10'. We keep a window unit in his room.  He gets very hot/sweaty with just the fan.  I have read that the idea nursery temp is between 65 and 70.  Just try to angle the fans so that they are not blowing directly on LO.
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  • how hot does it get where you are at? Here its been about 100, with a heat index of I would probably put one just in case if it were me. Maybe not run it as often and just leave the door open and see if it stays cool from the circulation coming from the other rooms. Maybe just run it when baby is in the other rooms and not in the direct way of the unit.
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  • We don't have central air but have two window air conditioners.  One is in our dining room and one is upstairs in our bedroom.  They cool down the house pretty well.  I wasn't sure what we were going to do either.  She will be in our room with us though for a while so she won't be in her room this summer.  There is a ceiling fan in her room though.  I am seeing how warm it gets this summer in her room to decide whether or not to get one.  The air conditioners we have are the ones where you set it to a specific temperature so it never gets too cold in the room.  We will get another one like that for her room if we decide to put one in there.  

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  • I would do it. In fact, we did it with DS and we plan to do it again. We used a monitor that kept track of the temperature in the room, so that gave me a little more peace of mind. As long as it's not blowing directly on your LO, it shouldn't be a problem. I think the hum actually helps them sleep. 
  • Thanks for the great advice ladies!! I'm still on the fence since we have had temps in the 100's here in PA already this summer. We do have a ceiling fan in his room which I'm thankful for. The two windows in his room are directly opposite of his crib so any air will be blowing right over him. I guess we'll play it by ear and see how hot it gets. Right now it's manageable I just want our little man to be comfortable :)


    Thanks again!! 

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  • My baby's nursery is actually the coolest room in the house, so I'm just going to put a small fan in there for circulation and comfort. 

    If your nursery tends to get really hot, then I don't see it being a problem to put in your A/C unit. If it does get too cool in there just shut it off, of course. I wouldn't have it blowing directly on baby; you may have to move your crib so it doesn't. 

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  • We are currently renting a house and the central air isn't the best, but thinking back on it, when i was a kid, we only ever had a fan. Theres a lot of countries and such that don't use A/C as much as we do and their babies are fine! I would say a small fan should do just fine. Remember a whole civilization survived with out A/C so it's not a make or break situation for your baby. Smile
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  • I would say buy one. Its better for the baby to be too cool than too hot and you can always monitor how cool the room is getting and make adjustments. I live in NYC and its already been quite steamy so I can't imagine not having A/C in the nursery.

  • can you cool the room by turning your AC on and leaving doors open?

  • I too am in the same dilemma.  Plus, the nursery is small, only has one window, and is in the front of the house where I do not want an AC unit hanging out the window.  I know I've survived my entire life without having C/A (as have many others) and until recently, not even an AC so I know baby can survive too.  For nights, the baby will be in our room during the summer and we use either a tower fan or the AC which monitors the temperature in the room so it can't get too cold.  For naps, I have another tower fan which I will just put in the baby's room.  We're considering having a ceiling fan installed but we'll see how well the tower fan works first.  Last summer was the hottest summer on record for us in NY so of course I remember all of the sweltering nights but who knows if this summer will be as hot.
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