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1 year old not responding to name

My 1 year old rarely responds to his name. Also, he doesn't point or look where I point and he still just babbles - no words. He walks, looks me in the eyes, smiles and plays with me and waves sometimes. I'm worried about autism. Am I freaking out a little to early. Has anyone's baby taken a couple extra months before responding to their name?

Re: 1 year old not responding to name

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    I would mention it to the pedi.  Speech does vary but at one he should be responding to his name.  Name responding is generally a 7-9month thing if I remember correctly.  My child was a late talker and we had early intervention speech and it was a great thing.  It's better to voice your concern.

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    We have an appointment with his pedi in a couple of weeks. I guess I was hoping to here from some moms that their babies were doing the same thing, but in the end turned out fine.
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    Odds are it's fine-- but get your LO evaluated.

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    Do they respond if you snap above or behind them? One thing I was told to do was replace their name into lullabies, so instead if Mary had a little lamb it was Penelope. If your child doesn't respond to the snapping they may actually have a hearing problem like excess wax. I would just look my LO in the eyes and just repeat her name and show her in the mirror her reflection. My nephew would speak in full sentences until he was almost 2. What happened was his caretaker had a stroke and was paralysed on one side of her face. He talked the way she did. Once he got around other children it quickly went away and he progressed.
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    Do you use the same name consistently, or switch between given name, nicknames, and endearments? If so, stick with one.
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    We just went to his 1 year appointment yesterday. Dr wasn't too concerned at this at this stage but gave us a referral to a specialist because the waiting list is long. The doctor did recommend we have his hearing checked if there's no improvement in a few months.
    Chichigo-  We've been using only his name for the last 2-3 months. 
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    My little guy doesn't respond to his name either, or use the sign language we've been using.  He's very observant and doesn't seem to have a hearing problem and I'm not concerned for Autism as he's very social and smiles ALL THE TIME.  Just know that kids develop at their own pace and note it to your pedi and try not to stress...nothing can really be done IF it is autism anyways and from the sounds of it, that's not likely.  To him it's a word as common as The or Like or anything else used frequently.  Eventually, he'll contextualize it.
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