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Magic suit

Has anyone has any luck reducing the startle reflex with the Merlin's magic suit?

Re: Magic suit

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    Thank you very much for your insight. My lo has been fighting the swaddle and startles himself awake over and over again (even swaddled). Ordered the suit, fx it works!!
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    I used the suit w my first and it was amazing!! He had a horrible startle reflex and in the suit he was able to sleep through the night. We used it for months.
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    We used magic suit in the winter and sleepy wings in the summer. Loved both of them!image
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    So how early did you start using the magic suit??  My LO is 5 weeks and he has fought the swaddle since 2 weeks old.. He wears 3 month PJs and I ordered the flippin suit because I don't know what else to do...I hope I can use it this early!
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