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Overfeeding baby?

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LO is 3wks old, EBF, and he eats all the time. We've experienced cluster feeding & this is different, it's like all the time if he's awake. He only wants me to hold him & when he smells me he equates that with food time & starts rooting and crying until he gets the boob. So he's nursing all the time, he won't take a pacifier, & I've wanted to start pumping to have an emergency stash built up but I literally don't have time! Just wondering if it's possible to be over feeding or if he's just going to be a chunky fella?

ETA: I've also lost 20lbs since he was born so I'm having trouble keeping up with his demands nutritionally and feel like I'm eating constantly & drinking all the time too so I'm not sure what I can do to keep from losing more!

Re: Overfeeding baby?

  • it is almost impossible to over feed a bf'd baby. between eating and comfort sucking it can feel like you are nursing all the time.  


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  • He had a growth spurt at 10 days, that was when he started cluster feeding but this has been all day, every day for like a week. I'm not like giving up or anything, just wanting to make sure it's normal I guess!
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  • Had the same problem, the nurse actually told me I was over feeding him because he was throwing up an it was coming thru his nose too. (Scary stuff)
  • My pediatrician says there's no such thing as over feeding. I feel the same way some days.. today is one of those days, he's either napping or on the boob n his naps r super, super short so it's mostly boob time...
  • I usually do one side per feeding & I don't really time him, just until he goes to sleep or loses interest (usually about 20/25 minutes) then burp. If he starts rooting again after burping I'll put him on the opposite side. I just feel like I'm offering boob every time he cries (not fussing but actual crying) but I guess if it makes him happy & he's not spitting it all back up then it's all good lol he has his first cold today so I'm trying to get him to eat as much as possible to hopefully clear that up :(
  • This sounds exactly like my kid... No insight yet, if you figure it out let me know!
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  • Mine is 20 days old and the same thing!! There's no real pattern, somedays all boob all the time and other days a more reasonable eating schedule. I call it boob frenzy - He eats for like 10-15 mins on one boob and then tired himself out and falls asleep. Wakes up 20-30 mins later like he's starving. We started giving him a bottle of pumped breast milk so my husband could help. It's good to know I'm not the only one!!! :)
  • Like others said it is nearly impossible to over feed a breast fed baby.  They go through a growth spurt at 3 weeks as well so that could be part of it.  If you are feeling overwhelmed possibly offer a pacifier if baby just wants to suck or pump a bottle of milk and have your DH feed the baby a feeding or two.
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  • Take a hot shower and Pump before you feed so milk is flowing and you get some for later. Baby may be more satisfied with later hind milk that build fat.
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