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Pregnant after a Loss

# of months ttc before and after loss

Hi All. I'm just curious... How many months did you try before a miscarriage and after with a successful pregnancy? 


Re: # of months ttc before and after loss

  • Not sure I understand your question...

    Are you looking for some kind of correlation between how long you try and whether or not the pregnancy will be successful?  Because there isn't one.  

  • No. I'm not looking for a correlation. Only personal experience. How many cycles did you try before getting pregnant that sadly resulted in a miscarriage and how many cycles did it take you after to get pregnant again? Thanks! 
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  • I agree with PP, every woman is different. A loss can change your cycle, however. It only took me four months to get pregnant with my angel, and over a year to get pregnant with my rainbow. But, like I said, we are all different and can't tell you how long it will take before you get KU.

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  • We started TTC April 2014, got BFP June 2014, MMC July 2014.  We started TTC again after my first cycle after the D&C then got another BFP December 2014 and found out last week that the baby has a strong heartbeat and should be in our arms end of August begining of September.
  • I've been pregnant four times... each time took 1-2 months.  There are SO many factors to TTC- I guess I still don't understand the purpose of your question other than curiosity?  I'm curious- When will you BD?  Will you chart?  Will you temp?  Do you know your body's signs of ovulation?  Will you use OPK's?  Has your doctor cleared you to TTC?  What are his/her recommendations?  Do you have fertility issues?  Will you take medications if you do?  These are the types of questions you should be asking because they are factors in your success TTC- not how many months we all tried.  We could probably help you better with these things if you intro'd or gave us any sort of information about yourself.  
  • I initially got pregnant within three months of TTC, but it was ectopic and I've never gotten pregnant on my own again. The next miscarriage was about 15 months later via IVF #1. This pregnancy was a few more rounds of IVF later, after another 8 months.

    Did that help?
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  • I got pregnant within a few weeks of trying the first time, but that ended in a ruptured ectopic. Once we were cleared after that and starting trying again, it took three cycles of trying with OPKs. There is hope.
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  • I've tried to get pregnant 5 times, only took one month each time but I lost 3 pregnancies (currently 34 weeks and I have a 2 1/2 year old). So at least for me there is no correlation between length of ttc and a successful pregnancy.
  • Well, I already had 2 little ones and was trying for # 3.  It took us 8 months to conceive our angel baby.  We waited through one cycle and amazingly are expecting again.  I expected a much longer wait based on our experience in 2014
  • Years for my angel, but I had some health issues that I was unaware of that prevented me from getting pregnant. Once I got those under control, it was about 6 months. I wasn't really being serious about it because we'd already been trying for years. If I'd known I could get pregnant at that point, it probably wouldn't have taken 6 months. I was told there was no need to wait after my loss, but we still waited 2 cycles anyway. The first month that we tried after everything normalized, we were successful - I had started temping and charting, and I think that really made a difference since I O earlier than CD14. 

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  • It took us 8 cycles to get BFP the first time (started trying December 2013, had + in August 2014), MMC at 6 weeks. Didn't have d&c until Oct.3. I got a period about a week later, but didn't try that month. Tried during the past 3 cycles and I got a BFP today. 

    The doctor said it probably wouldn't take us as long to conceive after having the d&c. Thankfully for us that was true. Now just hoping this baby sticks!

    1st BFP 08/08/14 EDD 04/21/15 confirmed MMC 09/17/14 waited for natural m/c no luck, D&C 10/06/14
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  • @Bel831‌, I hope for you it sticks too! <3
  • I got pregnant on the second month of "trying." Miscarried at almost 12 weeks and that was at the end of September. I haven't been able to get pregnant yet, and we didn't wait after the miscarriage.
  • First pregnancy took one try and resulted in our 5 year old daughter
    Second pregnancy took one try and resulted in our 3 year old son.
    Third pregnancy was an oopsie and ended in ectopic (surgery, D&C, AND methotrexate)
    Fourth pregnancy now is 12 weeks along and it took us 9 months to conceive.
  • 12 months ttc before getting pregnant and then having an early MC. Then 3 months between the MC and a positive pregnancy test! Now 8 weeks pregnant and trying to stay positive.
  • Before my mc we tried for 4 months. After the mc it took 15 months to get pregnant. I'm currently 16 weeks and praying we get to keep this one.
  • We waited the two cycles our doctor recommended then started trying, it took 10 months to conceive again.
  • It took us 4 cycles the first time. Miscarried at 10 weeks in February, had one af and just got a bfp 2 days ago. Luckily my dr said we could try as soon as we wanted so we ttc first cycle and it worked!
  • I got pregnant on the first cycle we tried but sadly miscarried. This time it took two cycles. I'm now ten weeks. Good luck!
  • I got pregnant after 3 months of trying. My cycle was really irregular so I only ovulated twice during those 3 months. That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I later found out that undiagnosed hypothyroidism was the cause of my irregular cycles and may have actually contributed to the miscarriage. I got pregnant about 3 months after my miscarriage. My doctor was trying to find the right dose of thyroid meds for me during those 3 months, so I actually only ovulated one time--when I got pregnant. I'm 21 weeks now. We had sex almost every day during the 3 months after my miscarriage. I was so concerned about missing my fertile period, and it was hard to predict when that would be since my cycle was irregular. Even though I am so grateful to be pregnant now, it put a strain on my marriage because sex became more like a mission than a way to connect.
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  • It took us 11 cycles to get pregnant before our loss at 22 weeks. It then took 6 cycles after that to get pregnant again.
  • First try with our Hope, this time three months.
    Me: 33, DH: 32  
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