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Curious on your sleep arrangements with your newborns?


Re: Curious on your sleep arrangements with your newborns?

  • We switch between bed sharing and the pnp right next to our bed. Some nights he's a little fussy so we put him in the bed... it makes feeding so much easier. He's usually pretty good in the pnp though. He slept for six hours last night in it.
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  • @funinthenorth‌ thanks for not getting offended...hoping your lo has started to sleep better...I know those night time wake ups are a bitch! It's been killing me!
  • We've got a PnP, but for the last week I've slept on the couch with him on my chest, or the last few nights we've bed shared.
    I bed shared with all my other kids, and plan to do the same with Liam. He naps in his PnP sometimes, other times he'll nap in his swing, but usually he'll nap on my chest while i chill out on the couch.

  • bedsharing, baby beside me. Ideally with dh out of the bed!
  • We have an arms reach co-sleeper attached to our bed since day one. It currently holds extra diapers for night time changes, wipes, bottles of water for me, my nursing pads, prenatals, and a random hair brush. DS sleeps with us every night. :). We had every intention of using the co-sleeper but failed miserably. Same thing happened with DD a few years ago.

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  • I've been afraid to open this thread and read the posts. I didn't want to read about everyone's happily sleeping babies.
    During the day, she sleeps in the RnP in living room. We go about our day as usual, making noise and TV on.
    At night, we sort of bed share. I give her a bed time feeding (usually around 8-9 pm) and let her sleep on me until she wakes up for her midnight (2am) snack. After this, I wait until she's in a deep sleep (I binge watch sons of anarchy during this time) then move her to her bassinet, which is in our room.
    I don't think she hates the bassinet, just only wants to sleep in our during certain times of the night. My only concern is my H has to sleep with a TV on, so it's not exactly quiet. When I was a kid, I used to sleep with a radio on. I'm thinking we might have to do that when we move her to her own room.

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  • DD sleeps in the bassinet near our bed at nighttime, I recently started letting her sleep in our bed during the day for her naps! Still getting used to babywearing and thinking will maybe start naps in her crib soon
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