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Curious on your sleep arrangements with your newborns?

How's eberyobe sleeping? Bed sharing? Or is LO in a swing or bouncer or crib? It seems we have been going through a series of options during his first three weeks. And now he has been spitting up after feedings so I am trying to keep him upright during the nignt since he still eats every two hours. How is it going for everyone else?

Re: Curious on your sleep arrangements with your newborns?

  • We tried to put him in a bassinet next to our bed but we end up bed sharing every night.

  • We tried getting her to sleep in the bassinet portion of a PnP, but she would cry as soon as we put her down, so we ended up bed sharing for the last week.

    Just last night I began to attempt to get her back in the PnP. So far so good, I just have to wait until she is in a deep sleep before putting her in.
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  • We have a bassinet in the bedroom that she hates. She's not a fan of the rock n play. So far, the pack n play bassinet is what we've had the most success with. There have been a few nights, she's managed to sleep in there. More often than not, she sleeps an hour in the pack n play, wakes up, and then falls asleep on one of us on the couch. Our ped told us that it's dangerous to sleep with her on our chest because her breathing will potentially get overridden by ours, but we can't help but fall asleep when she's asleep.
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  • Bassinet beside our bed at night, swing (turned off) in the daytime. She's happy sleeping anywhere, but still has days and nights flipped - waking every two hours to nurse at night, but going four during the day.
  • She sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed during night. In the daytime I TRY to put her in the bassinet so she's always in the same spot, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes it's the swing or my arms.

    We are thinking of moving her into her room now that she's 2 months old and sleeping long stretches. Try out her crib. But something is holding me back, I'm used to her being next to me :(
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  • PnP in the living room during the day for "naps". Crib in his room at night for "bedtime".

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  • @MusicFanatic‌ I think I'll try the crib around then too, but can imagine it'll be difficult. Good luck!
  • We are trying to use a cradle, but really end up bed sharing every night. The cuddles are pretty great.
  • He's only 5 days old but past four nights have been pretty rough sleeping- he sleeps all day during day no matter how hard we try to keep him awake and he will sleep anywhere - but at night from 12 on he wants to nurse hourly and if you try to put him down after nursing he will sleep for like 10 minutes than wake up screaming - by 4 am I normally let him just lay on my chest and I can't stay awake so I fall asleep and wake up pretty terrified that he's still on me- so tonight I'll try just putting him in crib and seeing what happens. I just don't like that feeling that I'm so tired I don't remember him being in the bed- makes me very nervous
  • She sleeps on her belly in the bassinet during the day and for the first long stretch at night. After that, we bed share.
  • Bassinet next to the bed.

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  • Pack n play next to my side of the bed. I did end up bed sharing a couple nights when he just would not settle down
  • PnP in our room at night and for most naps, and some naps in the RnP. We bed shared one night and I was terrified, so we haven't done that again. We'll try to switch to his crib in his room at night in a week or two.

    The night we bed shared was because LO was spitting up a bunch, but Dr. Google still said laying on the back or on the side is the best sleep option. I agree with PP, you should try a RnP if you're worried about the spitting up, since it's inclined.
  • I fully intended for this one to not bed share. However, she has reflux like the others. The bassinet is def a no go for her. And even the RnP isn't inclined enough. The only time she gets into a deep enough sleep is on my chest or laying close to me. Idk why that helps her. But it does so we are bed sharing until I figure out something else that works.
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  • During the day he naps in the RnP or in someone's arms. At night he sleeps in the co-sleeper next to my bed. He likes it pretty well and we swaddle him up which he loves. I already have my five year old in my bed and she is a wild sleeper so I don't feel safe bringing him in bed with me though sometimes I wish I could.
  • Swing next to bed in our room. Boppy on the couch downstairs during the day. I have another reflux baby so propping her head up seems to help.
  • For those bed sharing, how do you do it? Are you worried?

    In desperation, I have bed shared quite a few times now. I tend to have LO propped on my arm and I curl around him, trying to keep the covers under him but still enough on me. We sleep better that way, but I always feel so guilty and worried!
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  • Still an inside baby, but we have her crib in our bedroom and plan on room sharing until about 4-5 months. That's what we did with DD1 and it worked out well-- no issues transitioning her to her bedroom when the time came, since she was used to the crib already.
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  • We bed share at night, but pnp during the day
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    Baby #2 isn't here yet...but we had DS in his crib immediately and that worked out really well for everyone. The crib was in his bedroom. He wasn't a big fan of the Pack n Play, so we hardly used it.

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  • We mostly leave him in his crib in his bedroom. It is right next to our room and I leave both doors open and have monitor on at night. Sometimes we use the RaP.
  • She is in our bed at night. DH is in another room, and she has 2/3 of a King bed with rolled up towels creating her 'space'. I intended to put her in a bassinet but this has been much easier - I can keep a hand on her or let her suck on my pinky to help her sleep while lying down, much easier than standing beside a bassinet.

    She is downstairs for most naps during the day. We have to clean the crib and raise the mattress then I will try to get her in there for some naps.

    I am trying not to get her sleeping in the swing; it was a hard habit to break with DD2 and she never slept as long - she wanted to stretch out but couldn't.
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  • I have twins but during the day they sleep in swings or bouncer or in my arms (I'm trying to break that habit DS is getting to where he wants to be held ALL the time, with two babies that can't happen). At night they sleep in PnP next to our bed. We swaddle them at night (except last night was terrible and they didn't want to do our usual bedtime "routine") I bedshared with DS this am cuz it was the only option to me getting any sleep. I hate doing that but I didn't know what else to do after being up all night. I feel better seeing that so many of you are bedsharing. But hopefully I can get him into the pnp tonight!
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  • I'm bed sharing and attempting to use the halo bassinest. But I'm concerned about his spit up after we do middle of the night feedings. So sometimes I end up holding him and sleeping with him on my chest. Last night I only got an hour of sleep as I was trying to not bed share but also was worried about the spit up. Feeling frustrated and tired. Looking for suggestions.
  • I'm exhausted. Pretty sure he has reflux and won't sleep flat. Does fine in swing during day but don't want him to sleep in it at night. DH and I have been taking shifts because all he does is sleep on us. 3 hours of sleep at night is just not cutting it! Any advice ladies?
  • I have a RNP by our bed and she has recently started sleeping for the first leg of the night there (but can only be put in there when in a deep sleep). When she wakes for her 2 am feeding, I pull her in bed with me and do the laying down, side nursing. She then bed shares the rest of the night. I lay on my side with her on my arm. She either sleeps on her back or facing me. I know it's a hard habit to break and I dread the day when we will face that but for now it works.
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  • Baby has bad reflux so during the day he's on my chest or DHs chest. At night he's snuggled in the boppy between DH n I so that he's propped up...
  • Bed share. We tried the bassinet nxt yo our bed but the longest stretch she has there is around an hour

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  • DS seems to sleep the best in his car seat bundled up as much as we can get him.  He likes to be really warm and really packed in secure.  It took a bit to figure out, we tried the cosleeper in bed, swing, cradle and then seemed to have hit the jackpot with the carseat.  

    It works so we are sticking with it.
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  • We tried him in the bassinett the first couple nights, but we found he sleeps much better in the Rock n Play next to our bed.  Hopefully he will go back to the bassinet at some point, but he seems to feel cozier in the Rock n Play.
  • She sleeps in the bassinet (or her bouncer if she spit up a lot that day) in her own room at night. During the day she sleeps in the swing or in my arms in the living room with the TV on and me doing chores. We also put the bassinet mattress at a slight incline for spit up and I have a positioner I use to prop her somewhat on her side.

  • We have a pack n play setup in our room but only used it the first night home. The rest of the week we've been using the rock n play right next to bed to I can see her all night long, anytime I wake up. It's been working out really well. With our first daughter we bed shared but for whatever reason it scares me to have the baby in my bed with us while she is so small.
  • We've been using the rock n play. Baby girl is 2 weeks today. I just feel like she slides down to the bottom of the rock n play and her legs are up not quite but almost in a pike position. Is this common or no?
  • Our bed at night. Our arms or sometimes swing during the day.

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  • Started with the bassinet but after 2 days she started fussing. She has been next to the bed in a boppy lounger pillow. That's not really ideal so we are trying to get her back into the bassinet during the to get her used to it. Also been putting her in the mommaroo (turned off) during the day which is hit or miss unless she is in a deep sleep.
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  • The first couple weeks, our LO (5 weeks old now) slept either swaddled in the bassinet next to our bed or in her RnP. She had to be super content and pretty much already passed out to be swaddled, though. The last couple weeks, she's developed pretty bad reflux though, so we primarily used the RnP as she usually wasn't comfortable enough to be swaddled. Her reflux has been worse the last week though, and she's ended up sleeping at least part, if not all, the night with me in the bed. She sleeps well on her left side with her head propped on my arm. It made me nervous at first, but we actually both sleep really well that way. The first night we did it, she slept for almost 5 hours straight. She would wake up and fuss a little bit (gas and reflux pain) but then she'd go right back to sleep. I'm trying to get her back in the RnP for most of the night, though because I don't want cosleeping to become a habit. Last night, she slept 11-330 in the RnP, then she started fussing so I put her in bed with me to see if she was just uncomfortable and would go back to sleep, or if she was hungry. She ended up sleeping more until 6, so she essentially slept from 11-6, which was amazing. Hoping for an even longer stretch in the RnP tonight!
  • emmyg65 said:

    For those bed sharing, how do you do it? Are you worried?

    In desperation, I have bed shared quite a few times now. I tend to have LO propped on my arm and I curl around him, trying to keep the covers under him but still enough on me. We sleep better that way, but I always feel so guilty and worried!

    We bought a mesh bed rail and put that on my side of the bed. The baby sleeps in an open space between me and the rail, with no pillows or blankets near him. Then I sleep on my side facing him and my husband is squished on the other side of me.

    It's not considered as safe to put baby between mom and dad. 

    This but we use magic bumpers (check Amazon) instead of a rail.
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