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My final "fuck off"

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@BumpCaitlin and @BumpTara

I have been so incredibly fortunate to mod this board of amazing women and I have always done that with integrity and respect for them and for other mods and XO group.  Today I learned that my efforts were rewarded with a message on the public board that I, along with the other mods, had our positions stolen from us.  You didn't even have the balls to leave the mod board open for us so we could get closure on this decision but worse, I didn't even receive a PM that other mods received.  I learned of my firing on my own fucking board.

So with that, go fuck yourselves.  Fuck you and all you asked of people.    Fuck you for not giving half a shit for all the time, effort, dedication and love that was poured out in support of this community.  If these are the actions of the "community" you're shaping, you can shove it.  We have all moved on together because of the love and support we were thankful to find here.  That is the only thing I can thank you for - for existing in order for all of us to meet and become friends.  So thanks for setting up a blind date of sorts and now you're the friend no one wants to talk to or hang out with anymore.  We're all paired up and you're over here, pathetic and alone because you screwed everyone over.  

Peace out, Dump.
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Re: My final "fuck off"

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