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Account deletion info from TB


There's been lots of seemingly positive dialogue on the mod board with two new Bump Admins.  We're actually hopeful at the tone we're hearing and the things they are prepared to say and do.  They don't want to lose us all and agree that a lot of the bannings that happened need to be reviewed.  I truly don't know what will come of all of it or how it makes any of you feel.  That said, they are prepared to honor account/content deletions if that's truly what you want.  Here is their message:

We understand some of you have made a request to delete your accounts and we are truly sorry you feel this way. We would love for you to continue to participate in our community and help us improve it. We welcome your feedback to improve the community.

That said, we will process your request to delete your account and your content.  Please tell us the username you would like deleted and let us know if you would like an account deletion only (removal of name and personal info from your profile but the content of your posts stay) or if you want an account and content deletion, where all content is gone and just a [deleted post] response exists.  You can post this request in this thread or PM @BumpCaitlin.  We will confirm the request with you via PM or email.

Please be aware that if you choose the account and content deletion option, all your threads and previous posts will be deleted and we will not be able to reinstate your content on the Community. If you have previously requested a deletion and instead would prefer to stay active on the community or to have your account be closed and your content anonymized instead please let us know ASAP using the same instructions given above.

You may not see the change in your status this evening.  We are starting the deletions in batches, specifically with those who have most recently confirmed their desires.  If you prefer to delay our completion of a deletion that you have previously requested, please let us know. 

We will miss seeing you on The Bump and wish you well.

We will post this message and a link to this board throughout the site this weekend.  Please, for the sake of efficiency and quicker responses, try to keep these requests here going forward.  

******** UPDATE********
Due to the permanent nature of the deletion request, I am going to amend the request that I have to have need the confirmation from the actual account or the member needs to confirm with an email from the email address on file to [email protected]  If an email was already sent, there is no need to resend.

But for those of you speaking for those still banned who want deletion, have them send an email  to [email protected]  Many already have, just if they haven't already.

My team will be working on deletions this weekend so we are going to be heads down working on them and not replying much otherwise until later on today. It's a super manual process the way we have it set up, thus the time and batches.  We also have reported posts being reviewed for TOU violations.  If you already reported but want to make sure something is removed, feel free to PM me.

Can't thank you all enough for your continued patience.
Formerly known as elmoali :)

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