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What do your Los eat?

my lo swats if I try to feed her baby food(purées) but she'll eat finger food. I'm thinking about switching her to full on finger foods, but sometimes she will throw the finger foods. So I was seeing what everyone else's baby is doing.


  • Great question!!! She was on pureed baby food and I guess we missed the memo on the mushy veggies and fruit. We just started her on mushy veggies and fruit. She's kinda tapering off the B milk, not drinking as much as she used to. I still have yet to feed her meat. I feel we are so behind!  :-/
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  • I do to that's why I asked lol
  • Abby pretty much eats what we eat. She gets things like Cheerios and applesauce for breakfast, and whatever we eat chopped up for her other meals. I stopped buying purees because she far prefers table food. She still drinks 3-4 bottles of formula per day.
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  • I started Cheerios the other day and carrots slices
  • I'm scared to give her meat lol, we tried oranges, green beans, and peas. I think I'm just gonna switch her slowly to table foods too..
  • Levi eats everything... well a tiny bit of most things.  He has "table" food if it isn't spiced/salted.  He has some jarred baby food but primarily fresh veggies/fruits sliced up or squished a little.  He still has formula and I'll be very glad to switch to whole milk soon.  I plan to slowly add it mixed with formula when he is 11 months so the transition is complete by 12month or just over.
    Shredded meats are great!  I hate buying, but love the ease of the squeezable fruits/veggie yogurt things. Cheese in tiny (Levi sized bites) and eggs cooked 15135345 different ways.

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  • We are kind of struggling on finger foods. LO takes puffs and cheerios fine but won't touch anything else. I'm sure its a texture thing so I'm just continuing to put stuff on her tray to play with while I feed her purees.

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  • @bennieangel her mouth snaps shuts and she shakes her head. Sometimes I can get a piece in and she eats it with a scowl on her face.

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  • LO loves cut up avocado, peas, yogurt drops, puffs, cheese, pancakes and mini waffles (I make them with no sugar and whole grains so they are fairly healthy). He is starting to get impatient with me feeding him purées so I either need to hand over the spoon or come up with more finger food options. This thread is giving me some good ideas!

    Do you have a pancake recipe?

  • I need more options on finger food, I hate fighting her to eat...
  • LO eats just about everything we eat.
    His favourites though are:
    - avocado, carrots, banana, melons, berries, toast with (or without) peanut butter (and jam), crackers, stew meat, scrambled egg, waffles, pancakes, French toast (some of those with syrup)
    **he feeds himself all of the above
    - yogurt, oatmeal with applesauce (both homemade), soup
    **these are spoon fed

    If it's soft enough for a kid to gum, then I just make sure it's a size he can pick up and figure out how to eat.

    Somedays I can't prep food fast enough for the speed at which he consumes.

  • I need to go buy some more food for her, there is some days where she won't eat the food I give her until I give her what she wants
  • If I'm eating it now, LO wants to try it. He had some rice and cheese from my chipotle bowl last night. He had some chicken from my chicken ceasar salad. He likes buffalo chips. School has the green light to feed him at school. He tried some cheese pizza and fruit yesterday.


  • Idk how to cook the food...I need help...
  • How big of pieces are you guys giving? I feel like I'm seriously stalling giving her finger foods because I'm nervous & don't know what I'm doing. With some soft things (bananas, avocados) she couldn't pick them up because it was too squishy. Maybe I'm making the pieces too small?
  • @bsouls You might want to hold off on honey for a little while longer. It can contain botulism spores. Kids over 1 year old and adults have strong enough immune systems that we can deactivate the spores but babies sometimes don't. You could try subbing agave syrup. It's still sweet and has a similar texture.

    Does anyone give baby sandwiches? What bread and fillings do you use? J is over puree and his daycare suggested that.  
  • @kaking78‌
    LO gets pb&j (usually strawberry or raspberry) on white or whole wheat.
    He also eats egg salad sandwiches and chicken salad.
    He's also had salmon sandwiches and grilled cheese.

    Most sandwiches he takes them apart but eats it all eventually.
    (And he eats the crust unlike his big brother. Lol)

  • @SurpriseAt39 do you make the sandwiches baby size or give him a full one?

    I cut it into strips about 4 across. I give him one strip at a time. If I give him more at once he throws it away. He thinks its funny when I pick up his food and his brother's.

    [Deleted User]bennieangel
  • @bsouls Oops! Sorry my snark radar was down. I'm blaming the sleep deprivation.
  • @SurpriseAt39‌ your lo eats like a big kid! Did you do blw?

    The only thing we ever spoon feed is yogurt, and oatmeal if I make it too runny. If I make the oatmeal thick then I drop clumps of it on his tray and he feeds himself.

  • @kaking78 We give our LO PB & Apple Butter sandwiches (the apple butter acts like the jelly but doesn't have added sweeteners). She also has grilled cheese. Like @SurpriseAt39, she tends to pull sandwiches apart to eat them, but eats it all. I give her half a sandwich (1 slice of bread cut in half), and then cut the half sandwich into 4 strips, then across once (so 8 pieces about the size of my thumb pad). I usually give her some pieces of fruit or yogurt on the side. 

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  • wow sandwiches! I guess I'm a bit behind. I just bought puffs for the first time today.

    LO does get purees when I make them, and he gets to try almost anything he wants off my plate. (although he really can't chew at all yet). His staple food and main source of nutrition is still formula.

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  • We just tried toast this week with a little jam on it. I'm a little scared to try the more allergy prone foods with her because I have this strange allergy to protein in vegetables and fruit, but I'm making an appt with the pedi next week to discuss.

    My LO is pretty much all finger foods now. She doesn't even really like the oatmeal anymore. I make a lot of meatballs for quick lunches or dinners and most of the time she gets what we eat at dinner unless we're late.

    I forget who was asking about dinners or adding a third meal if the dAy( and I'm too lazy to read through cause baby didn't sleep last night) but it took us a long time to get LO to eat a real dinner. I started with a snack earlier in the afternoon and once her sleep shifted to later in the evening the snack became dinner lol. It'll happen.
  • LO just started eating puffs within the past month. It took a week or so for her to actually eat (not play) them and now she is obsessed! She eats mostly purées but we are starting to give more finger foods. Bananas and avocados are hard for her to pick up. Today for lunch she tried meatballs and she loved them. They were easy for her to pick up. I'm paranoid about choking so we took the skin off the pieces of meatball. We are going to try smearing avocado on toast for dinner.

  • My lo won't let you feed her purées or eat finger food besides crackers....
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