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I'm looking at mattresses that can transition from infant crib to toddler aged beds. Should the mattresses specify which side is for an infant and which side is for a toddler? Or should both sides be the same? I'm not quite sure. The mattresses I'm looking at are classified as being firm with coils. Thanks!

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  • I can only tell you our experience. The store we shopped at for furniture and the mattress told us the dual-sided mattress is unnecessary and essentially a sales gimmick. So, we opted against the dual sided mattress and went for a simple inner-coil spring mattress by Naturepedic.
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  • We got a dual sided foam Naturpedic mattress and we have been very happy with it.  We bought the same one for LO#2.  I agree that it may be a marketing gimmick, but I could feel a difference and I guess since I love a soft mattress, I wanted my toddler to have a softer mattress.....
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  • We have the Lullaby Earth 2 sided super lightweight mattress and love it. It has a tag that tells you which side is which.
  • Yes, they should tell you which is which. The infant side is usually more firm than the toddler side, so you should be able to tell even if there is no tag!
  • Thanks! I couldn't remember where in the world I had posted this one. Appreciate the insight!
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