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Wesley Philip is here!

Our son came bursting into the world on Dec 26th. He was in such a hurry the Dr didn't even make it on time. Luckily one of the nurses had enough sense to catch him!

he is generally healthy and I was able to keep him with me. The echo showed a couple issues (insufficient aorta, and patent ductus), but the pedi said both seem mild and he will likely outgrow them. We have an appt with the pediatric cardiologist in a few weeks to follow up.

we've been having a bit of trouble with nursing because he has been super sleepy, and seems to have a tongue thrust issue. We have been seeing a LC and she gave me a nipple shield that seems to be helping. She also validated my decision to supplement with an ounce of bm after attempting to nurse.

we are waiting for the results of the chromosome testing to confirm his Down syndrome diagnosis, but I would be very very surprised if he didn't have it.

I can't post a picture from my phone, so you will have to trust me that he is the cutest baby ever ;)

thanks again for all of your support!
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Re: Wesley Philip is here!

  • Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations! Great name, too!

    Awesome how we share the same birthday!
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  • Congratulations! And for what it's worth, my son never latched so I bottle fed him breast milk for one year.
  • Thanks guys. He was alert and nursed really well earlier, so hopefully we are over the hump. I have 2 very busy little kids, so I know I can't commit to EPing long term. I'm hoping we can transition to BFing only with a little more support. I have been waking him every 2 hours during the day and 3 at night. Which is loads of fun, lol.
  • Congrats!!
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  • Congrats! Love the name.


  • Congratulations!
  • Congrats!!! Love his name.
  • Welcome Wesley!
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  • Congratulations!!! 

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    Its a healthy girl!!!!! 
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  • Congrats!! My DD also had trouble latching since everything with kids with Ds is smaller. I just pumped and bottle feed her. Good luck with the cardio appt hopefully everything is good.
  • Congratulations. My LO struggled with feeding in the beginning but about 3 months old - with putting him to breast at random times before then - he took off nursing and I was able to nurse him until I weaned him at almost 14 months. Best wishes for breastfeeding to go the way you want it to.

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  • Thanks everyone! We're still struggling with BFing. He was doing well with the shield (and even w/o it the other day when I forgot it) but yesterday was just a sleepy day. He was acting hungry, but just wouldn't latch, or would latch but just for a second. I'm trying to stay positive though. Yesterday I had to pump a couple times, but it so hard with my 21 mo old trying to "help", ya know? Plus I already feel like I'm taking so much time away from her.

    @katybriggs they took blood, but I don't know what test they did. The Dr just called it genetic testing. I have the contact info for the coordinator of a local group but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. It was easier for me to email someone about a fb group, than a 'real life' group.
  • Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations!! My son had difficulty nursing because of sleepiness too. Ours was pretty extreme and he spent 3 weeks in the NICU being tube fed because he wasn't able to wake up and eat. Good luck with everything! Very excited to have you in our community!
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