IMMS Monday — The Bump
Cloth Diapering

IMMS Monday

Lay some smiles on me, bro.


stoneycakes[Deleted User]

Re: IMMS Monday

  • That is adorable, @KLXVI!

  • Oh, @TJ1979‌, that just made my day!!


    [Deleted User]TJ1979
  • That's great @unaveragejane‌ M was the same way. I had to nurse, pump and then supplement with breastmilk. It was exhausting. He's a chunky little guy now. Those early days were stressful and I was always worried I wasn't making enough milk.

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  • ovenrack said:

    TJ1979 said:

    Imms that we have finally freaking gotten some action on our house. Whew.

    I thought you meant something else.  

    Lol I read that wrong too until I saw your post!
  • Z didn't BF this morning either. I'm no longer smiling. I don't think I'm ready for this!

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  • IMMS that my toddler son finally took an interest in his baby sister this morning. She was sitting in her little seat, and he started bringing in toys to show her. "It's a train! It's red!" She watched everything he did, and he had her so entertained and content I got to eat breakfast.


    [Deleted User]km_md[Deleted User]
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